We welcome the newest addition to the U.S. Department of State family. Today Secretary Kerry swore in Caroline Kennedy as the new U.S. Ambassador to #Japan.  In a statement earlier this year, Ambassador Kennedy said "I am humbled by the opportunity to represent the United States to one of our greatest allies and closest friends. Together, our two countries have done much good for the world - and we can do so much more." View her statement here: http://goo.gl/GgzlRt
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 Congratulations! Today the U.S. ambassador to Japan, tomorrow the President United States.   Group Hug.
Eh San
she has only special character and not experinted on Foreign Policy and International Relations
M Quinn
Yes, but maybe it is important to have people who have truly given the ultimate sacrifice for America. Her childhood was sacrificed so that the legacy of all that President Kennedy stood for is still alive within the hearts of Americans.
Thank you Caroline for your service.
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