Read  #SecKerry's op-ed on starvation in #Syria. "The world already knows that Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons, indiscriminate bombing, arbitrary detentions, rape, and torture against its own citizens. What is far less well known, and equally intolerable, is the systematic denial of medical assistance, food supplies, and other humanitarian aid to huge portions of the population. This denial of the most basic human rights must end before the war's death toll -- now surpassing 100,000 -- reaches even more catastrophic levels." - Secretary Kerry 
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I would love to reed your Power Point for each of the Nations Culture's.
  What we know..?
Pretty slim,it is ...But word has it Assad might run for another term and the Saudis don't like that too good...I still don't think boots on the ground for oil is a good idea...
Sounds like a job for the U.N., it's out of your hands now. Get some rest Kerry, you deserve it.
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