Israel/Gaza Cease-Fire Agreement

We strongly support today’s cease-fire agreement, and call on all parties to fully and completely comply with its terms. We hope very much that this cease-fire will prove to be durable and sustainable, that it will put an end to rocket and mortar attacks, and that it will help to bring about an enduring end to the conflict in #Gaza.

As soon as calm is restored, the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance to the people in Gaza must be accelerated, and the United States and the international community are fully committed to supporting this effort. We are also prepared to work with our international partners on a major reconstruction initiative, with appropriate measures in place to ensure that this is for the benefit of the civilian population in Gaza, not Hamas and other terrorist organizations. We look forward to coordinating closely with President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority on these critical efforts.

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Thank you so much every effort done by my adopted country the USA and its government and hope you all the best . Saleh Awdaly 
Yes as long as an agreement is established then no problem to proceed . God bless you my adopted country the USA . Saleh Awdaly 
And how long will it be before a rebuilt Gaza will be shooting off rockets again and it will come tumbling down. Tired of our money being sent over there time and time again. Let Hamas rebuild what they are responsible for having destroyed. This is no solution! 
Since it's America's money anyway.Let Israel fix what they've broken.
Unfortunately, its nota solution. Just waste of time... The same problem will reoccur again and again... Till Hamas exists...
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