"As the United States has said, the referenda being planned for May 11 in portions of eastern #Ukraine by armed separatist groups are illegal under Ukrainian law and are an attempt to create further division and disorder. If these referenda go forward, they will violate international law and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The United States will not recognize the results of these illegal referenda." http://go.usa.gov/8x2x
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It's a good thing the opinion of the US Government doesn't matter at all in the sovereign state of Ukraine. 

Besides, if Ukraine can't manage its own internal affairs, it's not sovereign anyway, by definition.  If it requires the US to step in for it whenever it fails to prevent a bunch of thugs from running an illegal referendum, then it may as well become our 51st state.
Штаты не будут признавать! Смешно! А в Киеве власть взяли законно? 
After the actions the State Department took with regards to arming terrorists in Syria, I don't think you have a leg to stand on. 
Excellent point +Derek Cb! I think our State Department has done quite enough dickering in other countries affairs and should look towards their own internal problems for a change! 
American foreign policy has failed on all fronts. Failed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and failed to solve the Israeli Palestinian conflict. I honestly don't think anyone in the world really cares what the US government thinks.
Who are you accountable to ?
Uh yeah. Like we care what you think. 
Give up  , you got beaten on this one .
Try , try and try again , so the nursery
rhyme goes .
You better tootle  back home as the
Indian Tribes are now calling for
referenda to be called for the whole
of the US . The "Black Crow" are even
claiming the White House .
The cheeky blighters !  
The Kremlin's clever propaganda campaign and covert insurgency has created a Frankenstein that has run amok and is out of control.
When will the US Inc realise it should stay at home and sort out the mess which is the USA rather than interfere in issues that do not affect you. Sort out your infrastructure your real numbers out of work, do not become a welfare state like the UK where millions are too lazy to work
All you losers writing on this post, you will be glad to live in a world where Russia & China, dictates the policies, because there would not be any. The communist enclaves have now discovered capitalism, , not political democracy, with accountability. Iraq, Syria, Ukraine & all other hot spot, where the rulers have marginalized its ppl to the detriment of the economies of the country and masses, that is what you are praising.?

Thank god for the west and their allies, who did not unlike the aforementioned communist enclaves give up on humanity and all the gains in last century, like the tools (web) you use to post your socialist garbage will not be possible, losers ! Free the your minds!!!
+Eugene Winter If Ukraine was a democratic country, I would agree. But they aren't- they are marked by systemic level corruption, and have been since independence. Their elections, if you can call them that, are really palace coups over which group of oligarchic thugs gets to pillage the country- not unlike some banana republic. And unlike what the Right says about our Government in this country, their tax collectors really DO show up with automatic rifles and beat bribes out of people.

If there was anything worth supporting in Ukraine, I would agree that we have some kind of interest there. But there isn't, and so, Ukraine is a swamp that the US needs to avoid.

Let them fix their own problems. If Russia annexes ALL of Ukraine, it won't decrease our power one bit. The only thing which will decrease our power is if we commit to defending a strategically (and politically) indefensible failing state like Ukraine, the basket case of Eastern Europe. That would be like us tying our wagon to Somalia- there's only one way that ends, and it ain't good.
I am hoping that everything is resolved in peace, so that Ukraine and Russia can focus on improving their economies.  War will create more problems.  
Gee Kay
+Kevin Apte What does peace mean? Does it mean no profit for arm dealers?
+Doc Stodden Key word, Trust in humanity. The good ppl of East Europe & Russia or elsewhere will do well without the corrupt leaders and communist/socialist hidden deceiving the ppl with the new found wealth (due to pent up demand) brought about by their failed policies decades old. Japan, South Korea, even former communist Vietnam are doing OK. No body says political Democratic systems with Accountability is the answer to all human problems, far from it, but the best out there.

The key here is to free the Human Mind/Spirit, notice Putin using his new found popularity to rein in erstwhile free internet in Russia and same in China?
I moved to Mexico from California. Smartest thing I ever did. Come visit us, sun, surf, food, and tequila.
+Eugene Winter socialism is not the problem, it's just a convenient whipping boy for folks in the US who lack any imagination, but need to kick something just to show that they are still men.

That aside, all of those points you made may be totally valid, and yet, the question remains: "what does the US get out of going to bat for a worthless POS country who has refused to do the things necessary to strengthen its institutions to allow it to withstand external manipulation because it's political leaders have treated their country like their own personal ATM for the last two decades?" What do we get out of helping that country which refuses to help itself?

Ukraine has had revolutions in the past. And yet the people continue to allow their leaders to rob the hell out of them. These poor victims of Russian Aggression ally their supposedly "organic" "anti-corruption" street protest with right wing thugs in the Right Sector and claim victory in the middle of the night when they reverse a legitimate, democratic election and install, extra constitutionally, I might add, a gang of crooks which are backed by foreign powers, who are only different from the previous gang of crooks in that they are backed by a different foreign power.

Is that REALLY the kind of people we need to be supporting? Especially when our support doesn't do a damn thing to prevent or contain a resurgent Russia, even assuming that Russia's enemy has secretly and treacherously been the US all along as irrelevant Cold War fossilized left-overs like John McCain claim. Really? Isn't that sort of like arming the Mujahidin in Afghanistan because they wanted the country for themselves, but the enemy of our Enemy must be our close and eternal friend?

Doesn't any one sense blowback on this, or do we just like walking into traps because we are so ridiculously blinded by hatred of Russia that we'll back any group of idiots or crooks who appears to also, for their reasons, not ours, hates Russia too? Are we REALLY this bad at prediction of the consequences of our policy?
+Doc Stodden point well noted! Its a shame we have to relive the atrocities of a few rogue thieves mascurading as leaders every where, you turn, it may take some little while to figure it out, it may take some more time. P
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