President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke again today by phone about the situation in #Gaza.  The President underscored the United States’ strong condemnation of Hamas’ rocket and tunnel attacks against #Israel and reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself.  The President also reiterated the United States’ serious and growing concern about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of Israeli lives, as well as the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza. More:
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Stop towing the AIPAC line, and stop the slaughter of women and children.
Israel don't look so good, lying about kidnapping and bombing UN hospitals and schools. 
Putting rockets in schools and digging tunnels to kill Israelies,placing their own people in targeted areas,especially children and having their headquarters in a hospital,hamas and especially many of the innocent palestineans are lucky to have a democracy next door who cares about human life or else the body count would be in the tens of thousands rather than what it is!
The president seems unable to speak on any subject without supporting Israel's right.
Israel is the only democracy in the area,they are like us,surrounded by hundreds of millions of arabs,many of whom want to obliterate Israel,no wonder they are armed to the teeth,as their very existence dpends on it!
So typical lets blame Israel,the hatred shown by the left and their terrorist buddies knows no bounds,yet Israel will prevail!
Obama & netanyahu is the head of terrorist and biggest setan
ron g
To Hell with Palestine and those savage muslims
John P.
Israel needs to continue destroying the terrorists. 
It is always unfortunate that people die during conflicts, even though such civilian casualties are not the primary target in most cases. Fortunately, in the current Gaza and Israeli conflict, Israel makes every attempt to limit "collateral damage" and reduce the number of "civilian" casualties. If they weren't making such attempts we would already have several thousand civilian casualties. However, especially when your enemies attack you from such populated areas, conflict and fighting will always result in "collateral damage".

It is extremely important to remember that governments derive their authority and power from the people that they govern. The people are the ones that are ultimately responsible for the actions of their governments.

Let's use the Palestinian people of Gaza as an example. It is very important to remember that the people of Gaza are far from innocent. It is the people of Gaza that voted Hamas (a known terror group) into their government. It is the people of Gaza that did not denounce Hamas for firing rockets indiscriminately into civilian populations. It is the people of Gaza that celebrated in the street when three teenagers were murdered. It is people of Gaza who did not protest that Hamas used what money they had to build tunnels to infiltrate Israel, purchase rockets and supplies to make more rockets instead of investing that money into schools, infrastructure, and economic development.

The people of Gaza are not just innocent victims, and every drop of blood is on their hands because they condemn themselves with both their action and inaction
Jurgen Pagel you're right. The United States annual military budget in the last 40 years in a row is bigger than that of Russia, China, England, France, Italia, Spain, Australia and all the mayor countries combined!
ron g
Fuck you Jurgen!!. You Nazi pig. Why don't you suicide bomb yourself and your offspring so they too will not pollute society
ron g
Jurgen needs to be scalped and gutted like the nazi pig he is. 
Obama dislikes Netanyahu , that is obvious .
He is forced to parrot the Neo Con Policy .
What sane  Person would believe that
Israel is "defending itself" standing on
top of Palestinian Dead ? 
Eng Yeo
With reguards to the impasse between Isreal and the Palestinians can be solve easily by using a ancient tactics from ancient china. To preserve peace between the fighting states. They exchange relatives or children from the top royal families. So no leader would raid or bomb the other in fear they killed the hostages.
United Nations should negotiate on the basis of choosing the hostages from the leaders to exchange. Sign the peace treaties and see if the two parties will maintain the peace or continue to bomb each other. They will immediately desist for fear of getting their close relatives getting killed
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