Today, State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki issued a statement on the situation in Iraq.  Spokesperson Psaki underscored that the United States strongly supports Iraq and its people as they face security challenges from violent extremists. 
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USA Syrian Ambassador should be tried for TREASON for beating the drum and encouraging arming REBELS in Syria, only to see them turn attack our AMERICAN people in Iraq. He is endangering American lives and should be tried for his bafoonery...
Him and his GIRL boss (you know, the human wrecking ball, everywhere she goes, destruction follows). SHAME SHAME... Please stop hiring idiot.
Just wait, no way can we just mind our own damn business. We'll have troops over there by next year.
We have a carrier on the way there now +Calvin Phillips ps and thanks to Mr. Robert Ford (the moron) over 10,000 Americans on the ground in Iraq are in extreme danger. He and his *CLUELESS boss (what's her name - the head idiot) *should be fired and tried for treason and Ford for Sedition.
What, we had Sec Kerry hobnobbing with Angelina Jolie the other day about how crimes in war against women are all our collective faults and responsibility, while the POTUS is lecturing California grads about how climate denial is like thinking the moon is cream cheese.  Hey, it is not like we have some major multiple crises to deal with or anything. Whatever, send in the aircraft carriers, drones, round up the usual suspects and figure out how to not let this crisis and chaos go to waste. 
This area has been in turmoil since Alexander defeated Darius.Why should we break our bank even further?Don't fall  for the sunk cost effect.
Let them kill each other. It is not our fight. We armed the Iraqis and they ran away in front of a much smaller army. We can't help people who won't fight. 
Partition of Iraq is part of the original goals of 2003 invasion of Iraq.
+U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Jen Psaki.  I assume that P is silent, so now it is a question of Sake like rice wine or Sackey like Lack..... uhhhh Sacramento.
+john gury, Jennifer Rene "Jen" Psaki (pronounced /sɑːkiː/) (born 1978) is the spokesperson for the United States Department of State and a former spokesperson for U.S. President Barack Obama......Wikipedia 
Take it for what its worth. Ancient Egyptian Lore ISIS set a trap for RA so she could become Queen. Think about it...
+Gerald O'Hare I try to figure it out the old fashioned way first w/o referring to any computer search to stay sharp mentally. Since I've observed a disturbing trend where people are losing both short term and long term memory as well as cognitive abilities due to too much reliance on the internet.  And in the case of wiki that is not a fully defined phonetic for her name
+john gury, Right but rice wine is ok. Now that I think about that I wonder what the ethnicity is of her husband. What nationality would produce Psaki as a surname?
+Gerald O'Hare Polish, and I think that is her father's ethnicity. As an aside Russia Today is obsessive about attacking her to the point where it is like something out of a tabloid or professional wrestling.   
+Gerald O'Hare Hey, the fox news guy who was hounding her today was pronouncing it like the rice wine.  She could have dealt with him more swiftly. Plenty of examples of terrorists that reporters get to before they get taken into custody. Which is of course bs in this case but hey whatever. More disturbing is us grabbing anyone in the world wherever they are. He should have headed to Brazil where they won't put up with that.   Still, her hair looked really silky shiny today, according to  +RT news . I checked and they were correct. 
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