#SecKerry  in his remarks at the 90th Anniversary Celebration of the U.S. Foreign Service: "So that’s what the calling of good diplomacy is. It’s filling out the idea and exporting it to other people in the world. And we are working – all of us together – to try to create order where there is none, to bring stability out of chaos, to fix what is broken, and to make this complicated world just a little bit less complicated and a lot more free." Watch his full remarks here: http://youtu.be/-Bwh7DnqD6w
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I begun to think the older Americans have been out of school so long that a very large group needs to read and study. I suggest beginning with "The Assault On Reason" by Al Gore. Thank you very much.
Vladimir Putin and his military leaders MUST be #BreakingOutTheChampagne .  Now they know that UncleSamWontGetTough, when Russia attempts to swallow East Ukraine, next week!  Democracy was not just a good idea at 9AM on December 7, 1941.
Gary D
the calling to be deserted in your hour of need and brutally killed, the foreign service.  Yea!
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