Happening right now: #SecKerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov hold a brief one-on-one conversation at the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in London, United Kingdom, before the start of a formal bilateral discussion focused on Russian intervention in Crimea.
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Thanks for engaging in this important discussion, Mr. Secretary.  So much rides on this, and we trust you to exercise wisdom, focus and determination to achieve the best outcomes for everyone!
Noticed that they are "not at the table" 

If he was so sure that Crimeans want to rejoin Russia, why did he not ask the UN to oversee the election or ask for international support. The United States respects FREE WILL. If a credible constituent from Crimea would have pleaded their case to the UN and it is true Crimeans want to join Russia. It would have been granted and he would have gotten the support from the international community. Is he not aware occupation by Russian troops will result in loss of creditability for that election? How could he not foresee this?
It's impossible.
Why do things backwards?

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