Who is this man? #SecKerry dedicated this bust of a famous world leader in the U.S. Capitol today. As the Secretary described him today, this leader "was an original in every respect." Born to an American mother, he is remembered for stirring oratory, witty retorts and, above all, courage and leadership in a time of crisis.
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Betrayer to the The USA John Kerry is doing this? The enemies of The USA have won.
Second world war British pm Sir W CHURCHILL. 
ha ha ha!  That's so Churchill!  All he needs now is his hat, cigar, and the 1, 2, peace! 
He was the best PM that Britain ever had, especially for the Second World War.  PM Thatcher comes in second of course.
Winston Churchill also thrived on implementing the 'divide and rule' concept.
A amazing self publicist who sent many good men to there deaths ., in the ill fated campaign in the assault on the Dardanelles Turkey  against good advise ..He was demoted  .He entered politics again ww2 and nearly involved us in a war with the USSR over " Little Finland 18  Mths later he declared war on Finland who was allied with Hitler.. British forces ,badly armed ,trained & led  surrendered 135 000 men to 30.000 Japanese at Singapore our "impregnable " fortress .Then he dispatched 2 capital ships to Malaya Prince of Wales &  Repulse ,without air cover ,they were quickly sank by Jap bombers. India has bitter memories of over a million people dying of famine in Bengal  after Japan  conquered Burma ---traditionally the food supplier for Indian provinces. British officers pleas for food to be sent were ignored at first ,many people could have been saved..He was the epitome of the callous colony sahib.  A brilliant orator ,but most Brits never seen a German soldier till D Day June  1944.  Many troops fought to hang on to a colony in N Africa against 10 Italian /German Divs (Africa Corps)  pissing off US & USSR ,  Russia was busy destroying in Europe over 200 Divisions and UK was of little help to US in the Pacific without any decent carriers .The R.N kept well away from Japans modern carriers .
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