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But, no compromise. When you get chance you should punish him.
"I think no one knows what humanitarian intervention means. If I were a person who was non-American, I would think humanitarian intervention is just another name for United States imperialism. And you could make a very good case for that."
~ Stanley Hauerwas

I can only agree with Mr. Hauerwas
nope .we should stop being the world Police and focus on our crumbling infrastructure. lack of good jobs debt the wars we still are in. 
We do not need another war. What other means are available to eliminate the tyrant?
We should lead but not cause additional unnecessary casualties as well as costing this country money we do not have.
Congress needs to show some maturity, no if ands or buts-period!
We shouldn't do it because it's too hard.

We shouldn't do it because it's too expensive.

We shouldn't do it because it's not our job.

We should allow dictators to block all action in the UN because they have a vested interest in Syria. 

We should allow rogue nations to develop WMDs because we allowed Syria to do it.
Someone will always end up leading the world. If the rest of the world finds US leadership onerous, perhaps the rest of the world would prefer living under Russian or Chinese terms for a bit (though, that would become forever, given the way that Russia has behaved in the Cacusus and China has behaved in Tibet).

Assad should not be surprised that a generation of anti-Americanism has come home to roost on his doorstep. I could not care less what happens to him or those who support him.
So should we rely on Iran Russia or China? The Arab League is useless and will not intervene. Just let millions of people be displaced thousands die becauae of a rogue dictator. Isolationism is never the answer. 
+U.S. Department of State : except that the evidence I've seen is that it wasn't Assad, but the rebels.

But hey, you've got vastly more informational resources at your disposal than I do, so you should be able to provide extensive evidence for your position that it was Assad -- and I'm completely willing to be convinced, so I'll look forward to seeing that.
+Woozle Hypertwin Could you share that evidence with us? 

Supposedly the secure congressional briefings have included satellite photos showing movements, deployments, and launches; all launches from Syrian military territories into opposition territory. 

IMO; it's time for the public to have access to the same data the congress is seeing.
She is reporting what has been rehearsed..... needs to dig a little deeper
isn't it more courageous to not respond violently when being provoked? the proper approach to the situation includes patience, support for the refugees, international sanctions, and the courage to allow a nation at war with itself to resolve it's own issues. this will not happen with additional violence, especially from us.
Then our ability to lead in the world is compromised. Let's stop trying. Use the UN. 
I think that the scenario, if Assad is weakened or thrown down by an attack, it will strengthen the opposition/rebels. The opposition seems like one group fighting for the same cause, but the truth is they are not. The opposition consists of independent groups like al-Qaida; a variety of conservative Muslims; gatherings of dissatisfied young angry and frightened men who are out of work and hungry,  to blackmarketeers (Warlords). If the Assad regime is brought down by some attack from the US military, then the different fractions of the opposition will start fighting each other for taking over control of Syria. It will be just like in Iraq and Afghanistan or even worse because there will be no peace keeping troops there. Black markets; human-trafficking; kidnappings; killings - just plain havoc.
I wonder if Israel is behind all this because they sure are very interested in doing this with the US?
+Scott Barney : war should never be waged on the basis of secret evidence. The government should either make their case openly, or forget it.
+Woozle Hypertwin , the evidence is not "secret". Soil samples, blood samples, hair samples, communications before and after the attack, bullets fired at UN inspectors, bombs dropped on the attack site in an attempt to cover up evidence. Everyone knows and agrees to what happened and who did it.
Le Cler
Would someone please explain how 100,000+ in Syria have died, and now because they died a different way we have to "punish" the man believed to be responsible?  That's like telling your child "no" 10 times then telling him, "you do that again and I'll spank you".  And excuse me Ambassador Powers,  who in the world do you think you are calling cowards by saying "If we cannot summon the courage..."?  It's not fear of Syria, it's intelligence and experience of which this administration has neither.
Very well said +K. Sorensen , I think this attack will just make another country crippled like Iraq and Afghanistan were. These countries were attacked under the name of WMD and Al-queda and we know how it went.

USA only seems to be doing it to keep its a lies in the area happy by bringing another country into more chaos, if we really want t to fix the situation just bombing the country doesn't seem like a well thought out way to do it.
Mark S
Our "ability to lead" was lost when the majority of uninformed Americans voted to put this community organizer in office when we needed a proven leader in the WH! "You get what you paid for!" NO TO MILITARY ACTION IN SYRIA! Start a humanitarian relief effort, I might support that.
+Woozle Hypertwin So we have evidence of both sides using sarin in the past year, and now it's escalating. How do we stop it? It is our responsibility; we signed treaties pledging to prevent it!

If the al Nusra front is receiving chemical weapons from Saudi Arabia, and Assad is receiving technical and financial aid from Russia and Iran, what message are we sending by sitting back?

I don't care about Syria's future, it lost that battle already. There is nothing that can put that country back together again. But I do care about the western nations turning a blind eye to the escalation in the use of weapons of terror. For me, that's the red line!

It's no longer about Syria, it's now about the World that allows this to happen.
Who said we need to rule oh I mean run the world isn't that the UNs job
Le Cler
+K. Sorensen , hello?  It is their neighbor to the north who funds Hezbollah and friends of Iran who wants to "wipe them from the face of the earth".  Of course they are interested.   They want to control or stop the spread of violence before it's in their front yard.  It's called security, and with the addition of chemical weapons it makes it all the more interesting to them.   
+Le Cler I understand your point of view, but we just can’t have any country attacking other countries just because they feel threatened and then they prefer to strike first. Unfortunately it’s all about creating balance between the countries military striking power. If someone believes that all countries can agree on living in peace with each other they are naïve. As long as there’re weapons and military in the world, the peace is only kept by the balance so no one will dare striking their enemies because they can’t be sure to win. If Israel succeeds on pushing the balance in their favor there’s a mayor risk that more countries will be joining the fight (like Iran) and a chain reaction has been created and before you know we’re facing WWIII. As long as the war is ‘only’ going on in Syria (civil war) there’s a chance that the overall balance does not become dislodged – World ‘peace’ will be intact.
It seems that the US and Israel are not aware of the mess and havoc they can catalyze if they make these strikes against Syria. I think that the only ones who will be able to influence the Syrian regime to stop their genocide against the people of Syria, are probably the Arab League but unfortunately they have shown no initiative to resolve this conflict in their own backyard - it is very convenient for the Arab League that the United States once again takes on the task so they avoid the conflict and all the costs - they are clever business people.
How does Israel factor in to a discussion about Syria's civil war? To my knowledge the problems in the Middle East mostly come down to Shia/Sunni rivalries and tribal disputes. Israel's role is as the "evil Zionist interloper", similar to the US's "great Satan" moniker. It's all fear mongering to disguise the real impotence of despots.
+Michael McGuire : if we have actually signed a treaty which says we have to intervene under these conditions, then you actually have a point.
When you lie to the people you serve, no one will trust you.

You're ethically bankrupt, who serves who now?
Why the rush to go to war? Are we that in a rush to take more human lives? Ehy not wait ? I'm a combat vet and I know that WAR, IS BIG BUSINESS
They have to resolve this conflict themselves - I don't think that any Americans would have wanted any other countries to interfere in their civil war back then, such as China?
+K. Sorensen The southern states actively petitioned France and Britain to become involved. While both remained neutral Britain maintained financial ties with the Confederacy because their economy was so heavily dependent on cotton.
+Michael McGuire so you see, no Americans would have been interested in interference from China or Russia or countries they didn't chose themselves.
+K. Sorensen The Syrian people have been asking for our intervention for quite awhile so I'm not really sure what your point is.
+Michael McGuire it is saying too much when you say the Syrian people - there is a very small fraction of the Syrian population who have wanted help to win over the Assad regime. The rest of them hate the US.
+K. Sorensen Does that "small fraction" include the 2 million refugees that have been pleading for help? That's almost 10% of the population.

You've got multiple combatants but the majority of the nation is trapped in the nightmare and want it to end.
+Michael McGuire Oh, the refugees are pleading for help alright - the humanitarian aid but not additional military actions. The refugees definitely want the civil war in Syria to end so they can turn back to their country some day, or whatever will be left of it, but bringing Assad's regime down by bombing his military installations won't bring peace to Syria. We all know how the US and UN interference in Iraq and Afghanistan went even though they have 'peace keeping' troops posted there. Women and children make up three-quarters of the refugee population - approximately one million of the refugees are children.
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