We must put an end to gender-based violence. The #TimeToAct  is now! 

For more information go to: http://goo.gl/wkSDaT 
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I think he's saying no one is permitted to fight about anything: no man vs man, woman vs women, no man vs woman. Well at least he's saying the military can withdraw.
Uhhh, obviously. But I find terrorist armies more compelling. 
Maybe they'll only intervene if women get hurt but if they're only killing male soldiers,hey your outta luck.That sounds like equality in the eyes of some liberal extremists.
Gary D
Which is why women should be allowed to be armed should they so choose.
+Shannon Brooks Now the policy is not to intervene even with genocidal terrorist armies on the loose - if it is a country the  US has messed up. If it is a country the French have messed up they have the foreign legion. If it is a nation the UN has messed up then you have a better chance - unless they send you to one of their refugee camps, since celebrities and maybe Bill and Melinda Gates might visit you or adopt your kids. 
Muppet man strikes again.
Yeah... You're right... My apologies to Kermit and the gang.
Kerry is such a prima donna. Even when you have Angelina Jolie on stage with a photo op he has to be in the foreground, center of attention. I would rather have her as Sec of State and she would no doubt be much better at it. 
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