At the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy, France, President Obama pays tribute to the U.S. and Allied forces who fought in the D-Day landings in 1944. 

Read President Obama's remarks here:
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Jim Sisco
The only tribute Obama could make that would have any meaning, would be to resign. 
Even Hitler honored his soldiers before I went out shot them Sadly this country is going the same route only in English
And in the US we pay tribute to the six soldiers who tried to liberate the deserter shit face Abdullah Bowe Bergdahl! And five dangerous terrorists liberated from Guantanamo by Barak Hussein Osama!
Right on my brother. Prayers all around. He and many others have disgraced the memory of our fallen.
This is the president of the U S have some respect people. I mean how do you expect the rest of the world to respect us when we dont respect ourselves!
Gee Kay
You are right Mr. Obama is the president and we should respect him . So , we need to remind Mr. Ma-Cain of that.
Obama stop trying to gain the support of the sheeple to start your ww3, resign now because you are going to be held accountable for every law you have broke in the name of the United States of America. We're not All blind to your agenda sir...
+Atlas More that's bullshit, I do not respect the president, his policy is destructive, ill conceived, poor, reckless, irresponsible, and downright out of line. 
Is not just a disgrace to those who serve with their heart like Pat Tillman but also for those who gave their lives in ww1 and 2... There's an absolute hate for anyone believing in justice and liberty! And now the globalists are coming in the open, almost admitting... Nothing is been done about Benghazi and nothing will be done for this Abdullah Bowe! While those five fuckers are flown secretly from Qatar to Jordan to joint the fight, go slaughter true Muslims and Christians moderates who use to live together peacefully! What a fucked up planet we living in!  
I love the whiny loser talk from idiotic hypocrites! NEVER  gets old. :-)
+Atlas More We DO respect ourselves-we don't like this two-faced liar making our country look like a joke to the rest of the world. We need a PRESIDENT who cares about America and Americans to make us again the greatest country in the world, not a phony who kisses territory's a**es!
+Atlas More respect!? He is president not king him and his entire cabinet and cohorts disrespected mutilated walked all over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights American in general to the best of his ability hey we're to respect him!?! No the oath of office this for every Soldier he really needs to be arrested! And if I'm not mistaking Homeland Security considered returning Vets ,Christian and pro life enemy of state and again we're to respect him!?!?!? hell no.!!!!!!!!!!!
It is sickening that this "person" would pay respect to those who died in WW2 fighting nazis and fascism while today he sends millions to the fascists and neonazis in Ukraine and Venezuela to destabilize and overthrow their respective governments. You in amaerikkka may feel a need to show him respect for whatever reason but we in Latin America find him every bit as repulsive, avaricious and hypocritical as george bush. 
Let's revive John Fitzgerald Kennedy because I don't see anyone with his stature.... For me Obama way before his presidential election was spooky, seemed hiding something, I didn't know back then and thought "let's wait and see what's coming out of his pocket... 
We've learned nothing. How's it going in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine? How many soldiers is enough? 70 years and they're still dying in the sand!
We are out of Iraq. Almost out of Afghanistan. Not in Syria or the Ukraine.
Maybe were looking at all this all wrong maybe we should send a bomber to one of those unpleasant world places !!! And let the president jump out first parachute optional let the crew decide on that a score over the unpleasant site bye bye I think we need another president
+Jack Malchow totally wrong! Law signed with Afghan president for perpetual military presence+ no criminal court for US military crimes, for Iraq same shit, the US military stays and for very, very, very long time... This is the New World Order and it's in full throttle!
Wish he actually supported the liberty that he mentioned in his speech.
+Jack Malchow I'll look forward to IraqDisney with all that peace and freedom we left over there. Ditto Afghanistan. And you missed the word yet with Syria and Ukraine.
9,800 troops No regular combat troops. FAR less than what the republicans want and the republicans wanted to leave troops in Iraq also. I voted (with the majority) to elect Obama, and his policies and actions are largely consistent with his campaigning. :-) winning!
If you want them on your territory those are the terms.  And they are normal for any national force anywhere.
+Derp Derpington  What does "miss the word yet" mean??? If you have anything to counter my assertion that you are a lying fuck and we do NOT have troops fighting in Syria and Ukraine, please put it up. ;-) Oh! You tried to say, "you missed the word 'yet'," Sorry, but I went to school.
+kalooha BELFAHIM You sound like you're scared of the " New World Order". Maybe you should at least get off the internet and social media. Get your gun and tinfoil hat and barricade your dumb ass in your room and maybe you'll have a better chance of survival. The boogy man Obama is coming for you.
Did I miss that he didn't mention anything about espionage on USA's nearest allies?
I honestly can't believe the veteran didn't spit in obama face!! Obama is nothing but a TERRORISTS!!
I'm a vet and millions of us support this President. Please shut the fuck up about what you believe vets should believe. TIA +Keith McCarver 
It's called honor that's why they didn't spit in his face!To be honest it's hard to spit when holding your nose !!!!!
Shouldn't he be at the nba finals with rest of them people
Jacob Reeb- I would just like to know, will george bush equally be held responsible for creating the problem that you now face in amerikkka? Not looking for arguement or debate. I would just like to know...
+Paul Zozak George Bush again out of office for awhile as for the Veterans Administration scum bag on the American vets for awhile it's brought to light maybe the Veterans themselves and their families maybe just need to those offices and take over and throw these bummed out and run things right can you say bundy ranch again
Haha!!!!  What we need are more knee jerk reactionaries! What a plan!
kevin Brasington- Truth is your government has been exploiting our resources, defending brutal dictators and murdering any of us who choose to stand up for our rights and our people for decades. When your government-and I'm not speaking about average amerikkkan people who havent a clue as to what has been happening- stops meddeling in our countries then perhaps your point would be valid.
Margaret Foster- Regarding george bush... I wasnt aware that there was some "statute of limitations" on war crimes and crimes against humanity. Dont misunderstand me, I would be the last person to defend this paraco obama. As for this Bundy person, while I have heard and read some things about it, I have no dog in that fight. I have no business making comments about it. That is an issue you folks in estados unidos have to wrestle with. 
+bryn gilpin Have you served? Have you been to 3 combat zone? Yea I didn't think so.The ONLY thing the President respect of our troops is when he is from of them with a teleprompter. The man could not even face Putin today, He is a President that is weak and could not use his position as the leader of Democracy to face a petty dictator like Putin when they are in the same room,  and he is at the Anniversary of "D Day" "come on man"
We are all obviously blind to the problem.. It must be more comforting to try and humiliate and disregard others opinions when the real threat to us as whole sits idly by and laughs at the fact we can't get our shit together because of petty differences. We need to take back what is ours what AMERICANS DIED TO PROTECT what we've paid a lifetime of taxes support. 
Margaret Foster- I would like to say that it seems obama would like to see some sort of limitations on charging people for war crimes- perhaps in his own self interest. First given his statement that " we must look forward" in effect giving bush a pass. In addition, last year the ex-president of Guatemala was finally convicted on crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity for his part in the Highland Massacres and attempted genocide of the Mayan Indians of Guatemala. The supreme court of Guatemala ordered a full investigation into who was involved and when it became evident that both the US and israel were complicit by virtue of the fact that they supplied the weapons, intel, logistics transportation and training used by the right wing military and death squads, suddenly obama goes to Costa Rica under the pretext of meeting Latin American business executives, and this murderer and pig Rios Mont today is a free man and the court has since suspended its investigations.
+James Jordan Why do you lib always want to use race in your augments, what does it matter that he is black, brown or purple. What does matter is his polices and what he says or does, he  is trying to take away our liberties and then tout how brave the Greatest Generation save the World , but he would not do it himself. He never served, he lived in Hi , and I bet he never have gone to the Pearl Harbor Memorial, No, it is his  demonstrated actions  related to the military, veterans, their family that tell the story of who he is and not his race or that he has been elected twice. 
Obama needs to resign and he needs to do it SOON! He is clueless as to what it takes to be President! Let him go back to community organizing! How much more of his stupidity can this country take!
You may spread all the lies and hate you like and I can say its racial. It's that free speech thing dude.

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+Jack Malchow your a veteran ? You sound more like a sheep!! Unlike yourself I don't support terrorists!! 
I am a veteran I vote independent of parties I respect my commander and chief regardless. When he puts me in harms way I hope he has my back. Maybe we shouldn't judge a person who could have been suffering from PTSD or other ailments. I didn't think our POWS had to go through a vetting to be considered important.
Atlas. You sound like a real vet. Good post.

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Since WWII  U S has attacked more country than  Hitler.
U S has staged over 50 military coup against democracy,Hitler 0
all in all WWII was loss for all
+Sean Strand Stupidity is what uneducated people as you appear to be. Hate is your badge which is attached to your forehead.

 Did you serve this country? It's one thing to disagree with the President, but hate has no place in a great nation that is slowly destroyed by people just like you.
+Greg Luce The new law transfers vast powers to Washington bureaucrats who will control the dollars and decisions that should be in the hands of individual patients and their families.

The individual mandate is an intrusion into personal liberty.

The employer mandate will raise the cost of doing business and discourage job growth.

I could go on , and far as my health care, I have paid for mine not everyone else, to do so is the definition of socialism and communism, I can guess where you lean

+jacob reeb WW3? perhaps you should consult with John McCain, he seems to welcome another war. 
I have to say you all must be incredibly young or incredibly dumb and uneducated.  I was born in 1943 and my Dad was in the Pearl Harbor when the attack occurred.  It was a bloody war not a video game.  If you can read you might find out what happened.  Of course, it requires some time away from popular media to do this and that may be too much for you.  Every person who I knew of that era simple said they were doing their jobs.  They suffered just as much as the current vets are.  Some were able to cope and some weren't.  There is no reason to spew profanity unless your vocabulary is so limited that you don't have any other words to use.  The place to vent your bile is at the local caucus, and the voting booth.  If you don't like those options head on over to those other countries and use your technique of choice there.
+Terry Reigert sheepltroll if you don't think that's the direction we're headed in than I feel so sorry for you. ignorance must be bliss for your pathetic life 
+Atlas More how can we respect ourselves when our president doesn't respect our constitutional rights and the oath he swore to uphold??????
Five terrorists for one deserter-traitor ????? Wake up people if that doesn't prove we are being misrepresented, what will. We do not negotiate with terrorists because it shows weakness and that's what predators pray on weakness...... Just like old terry reigert who wants to call people stupid using their voice to say what doesn't fit in his lame not so little life
We shouldn't judge anyone while we are here on Earth because every one of us has his or her SHORT COMINGS..Always learn to forgive and Temper Justice with mercy...May their soul REST IN PEACE
+jacob reeb I will never understand why people think this president is constantly breaking the law. We lost more freedoms and civil rights in this country under Bush and Chaney than all 200+ years before.
+Atlas More agree completely pal. But at what point do we stop subscribing to the bullshit of things are bettet . when in reality they are only getting worse? 
I think each and every one of us can only help the government achieve
there GOAL by always telling ourselves the TRUTH always, LOVE one
another and never plan evil for any body..This is my humble opinion
President Obama needs to put the PEN down and leave office! What a joke he has been as President! 
+jacob reeb
Israel often trades 20 prisoners for 1 soldier.  That's how worthless these prisoners are.
It is very dangerous for our democracy to believe the Republicans. They have their own agenda that is in no way good for American life as we know it. They favor the rich and the powerful. There will be no upward mobility for the rest of us. Think for yourselves.
Atlas, I am also a veteran, I was in during the Clinton administration. My government stripped us of everything, and had the nerve to ask why we lost so many of my brothers in Somalia. Why were we there, because we were protecting Somalian, not Americans. Our government has lost sight of the real mission, protecting Americans, the reason I left the US Army. The Commander and Chief did not have my back, and the Generals under him did not want to say anything, because they might lose their retirement. GOD, COUNTRY, HONOR. 
Mary, our current government wants everyone to depend solely on them to provide us with everything. They want us to all be the same, no rich except them, no poor except us. Read the hunger games, its very much like the road we are traveling down. Washington and the out laying counties are some of the richest in the nation, the highest paying jobs in the nation. Republicans are not the problem it's too much government, and too many people sucking the government tit. 
What about Iraq? What about veterans of today. They are still dealing with all Bush got us into.
Mary, our government, doesn't always send the Army where we should be, the truth is we should have been in Pakistan, but also we had no business in Somalia, and many other places, but as a soldier I followed orders. I didn't always agree with them. 
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