Do you have QUESTIONS about AIDS/HIV and PEPFAR? Ask now and Ambassador Eric Goosby will answer your questions tomorrow at 2pm EDT during his first Google+ hangout. You can watch the hangout on Google+ or on YouTube at 
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"Don't forget our homelessness crisis here in American which is two or three paychecks away from becoming homeless."

Solution create on national contracts through federal law to contract employee's across American with a 12 month to 60 month renewable contract with guaranteed payment for the length of employment with  a benefits package including; health, home or rental and car insurance and economical friendly resources which enables a national collaboration to ensure the future of the American Dream and families. 
Including termination or dissolution of old employment policies of termination with or without cause or a reasonable explanation  but to enforce transfers or further proactive action to resolve any common sense violation codes such as sexual harassment etc. 

We (Americans) need to finally take proactive action to close the gaps to our nations crisis's which continue to effect the global economy and the world. 
I will continue to pray for our President vice President the press and our top officials for help and guidance with assistance monetary finances and help in this mist needed time. God Bless You And Yours......... Ma. Martha williams
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