#SecKerry  on #Syria: "This fight about Syria’s chemical weapons is not a game. It’s real. It’s important. It’s important to the lives of people in Syria, it’s important to the region, it’s important to the world that this be enforced – this agreement that we came out of Geneva with." 
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What John Kerry +U.S. Department of State is doing is this. They are telling +United Nations & +European Union that they all can go to HELL. Because +The White House +Barack Obama is going to start World War Three because John Kerry repeats the same thing over & over. & +Barack Obama wants too start this war. Because +Barack Obama is now +George W. Bush  +The White House +Barack Obama are now going to guilt trip, shame & blame every citizen in The USA for this coming of #TheBarackObamaWar where just like +George W. Bush went against what people said to do when +George W. Bush went to war in Iraq for those WMD's. & now +Barack Obama is now using those same talking points & language. Just remember, like Iraq, Syria never attacked us on The USA Homeland.
If not a game then why you and Obama involved
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