Secretary John Kerry met  with the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) Delegates today at the U.S. Department of State. 

AWEP is a State Department initiative to identify and build networks of women entrepreneurs across Sub-Saharan Africa who are poised to transform their communities by owning; running; and operating small and medium businesses, and to drive social and economic progress in their communities and countries. Through the AWEP exchange, approximately 40 African women entrepreneurs each year attend professional development meetings and network with U.S. policy makers, companies and industry associations, non-profit groups, and development organizations. - Learn more about AWEP:
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You know there used to be a sentiment that women shouldn't work.  I see the chivalry, and I see the sexism.  I mind sexism, so I say women should work.  However, if women were allowed to own stock, they would own everything; and not need to work.  They would be powerful.
Micro-loans along with pragmatic business practices will take them far. I've been observing this for a few years and love seeing its progress.
I agree with David. Micro-loans and self-help groups as we have been doing in India can really take women far. It has been proved by our experiences. Its really encouraging to see that African women have joined the line. 
Commendable. Efforts should be made in rural empowerment and bringing soft-loans and grants to remote parts of Africa like Abala-Oshimili in delta, Nigeria. All programs should support women and unemployed youths to have far reaching effects. 
Brilliant !  This is a great State Initiative. Woman in Africa can and will move the Continent forward. With Transparency , Democracy , Free Speech and Rule Of Law ,  Woman are the Force that will move the whole Continent forward. Their web page must show progress and transparency in each of their Projects, to show they can handle the responsibility and to get more financing.  Electricity, fresh water and broadband  / Wi-  Fi  , must reach every corner of the Continent. Secure and safe roads ,rails and waterways are the key.

The AU and the UN must be there to make sure the fanatics of the Sunni Salafist and Sunni Wahhabi groups , backed by the criminal minerals ,  oil and ivory traders and poachers , cannot win this one and destroy everything . Woman must win this one . At any cost.
 we are Egyptian youth refuse Military Coup , also refuse U S support to that bloody Coup.
Coup kill democracy , develop terrorist 
Revealed the site "Deepak" intelligence that the Israeli team first, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, refused to respond to a telephone call to U.S. President Barack Obama, which ignited the anger of Obama and urged him to take a tough stance against the Egyptian army and the reason for this response Sisi violent in this conference that Egypt is above everyone and will not Allow the loss of minutes with people kids, in my view, and my time will not be allowed to talk with kids do not feel as where we are now and try to suit the maximum roads and quoted Site Israeli intelligence sources American, that Obama Call Balsesa on Wednesday after learning to start a scientific resolution of sit-ins of the Muslim Brotherhood in the fourth Adawiya and the Renaissance, but Sisi refused to respond to Obama. added site, the aide-Sisi, responded to Obama and assured him that the team can not answer now, and if there is a specific message or a desire to discuss what is going on can be contacted Egyptian President "Adli Mansour." pointed " Deepak "that Obama suffered greatly shocked when told by assistant Sisi Defense Minister busy busy, retorted with" literature "," You can contact President Adli Mansour to talk to him what you want, or you can transfer the call to him from here, "the Office of Sisi" gladly ". The sources said the Israeli The Sisi managed to prevent Obama from interfering in the internal affairs of Egypt, and undermined the influence of U.S. in the country, which thwarted Obama's rescue of the Muslim Brotherhood who are now effectively out of the political scene. Revealed the site that the Israeli anger Obama Sisi was behind international condemnation last of what happened in Egypt, where he came out of many European countries to condemn the resolution process sit-in, demanding the investigation and Obama announced today canceled maneuvers star among the U.S. military and the Egyptian, which means that the situation is turning to personal animosity between Sisi and Obama
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