#SecKerry will travel to Cairo, #Egypt on July 21 to meet with Egyptian and other senior officials on the situation in Gaza. The United States – and our international partners– are deeply concerned about the risk of further escalation, and the loss of more innocent life. http://go.usa.gov/5BNA
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Please spare the gaza a your holy visit. You and I both know that one statement from honorable BO can stop this right at this moment. 
Farhan Hussain , it is time for the peace-loving Muslims to speak out against the atrocities that Hamas is committing on it's own citizens. Instead of spending time and resources on improving their lives they are waging a ideological war sacrificing innocent lives in the process for their own ideological needs. This is the same story with each of the extremist groups in the Middle East. They are trying to protect their G-d by sacrificing innocent human lives. They should try using those same resources and planning to improve the lots of their own people. They want to blame someone else for the misery that has been brought upon their own fellow men by their bigotry and dogma. God would ashamed of them. It is not BO's responsibility to knock sense into the Arab world. It is about time the peace-loving Muslims speak up and stand up against extremism that has no intention of improving their lives. 
I have never hear of a trustworthy Muslim!!  Were was the media on the rockets that killed woman and kids in in Israeli????
Frank Elkins, you are as bigoted as the people you accuse. You may be right but making such blanket statements is counter-productive. You may feel better having said that but there is no use beyond that and it just indicates you are as hateful as the people you point fingers at. 
Ahmad A
Frank Elkins; may be you need some hearing aid!
The Israelis invaded this land, massacred its people, and forced the rest out of their homes. Israelis came from all over the world to take this land to fulfill a 5000 year old myth at the expense of millions of innocent victims.   
Unlike you, I met so many trustworthy Jews who believe that Israel is a terrorist state based on something you won't understand called FACTS! before 1948 there was nothing called Israel ... I suggest you read some real history man, may be you 'll learn something.
+Ahmad A  That is self serving history not based on facts. I am not Muslim or Jewish so I have no affiliation one way or another. I don't know what history you have been reading, But I suggest you study the history of the conflict and not just repeat what you hear. Attitudes like yours or +Frank Elkins is not going to solve this problem. I believe Israel has demonstrated it's goodwill many times over. The Arabs are being petulant children that want things the way they want it. The Middle East needs a religious revolution one that is based on compassion and a 'live and let live' attitude. 
+Ahmad A I have read and re-read the history and the finding of the facts kind sir; and I repeat not trustworthy Muslim or Palestine; are to be found sorry facts are facts;
the Israel was and has been in the bible for many years -- years before 1948 
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