A healthy ocean helps create a healthy economy.  More than 50 million people around the world work in the fishing and aquaculture sector, many in small-scale fisheries that are critical to the economies of their communities.  Learn how you can protect the ocean and the livelihoods of those who depend on it at http://goo.gl/HDmMMv  #OurOcean2014
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Как защитить? Да очень просто! Собрать все токсичные отходы и отправить их на захоронение в Украину. Раньше уже пытались это сделать (не буду показывать пальцем, кто), но это вызвало большой скандал. А сейчас, когда там марионеточное правительство, то можно хоть мегатоннами отправлять.
HA HA HA!!! you say "Learn how you can protect the ocean"??? I say LEARN HOW YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR SELF FROM U.S.A.! From the main killer of the world, from the main lier of the world, from the main terorist of the world!.. LEAR YOUR SELF! Life this is not only money peoples are not slaves. LEAR YOUR SELF until you exist
You can tell they are trying to change the subject; I find it amusing that all of the Georges and other celebrities are quite as church mouses lol  
+Jim Shearon trying to change the subject is all from the current events more smoke screens 
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