Secretary Kerry comments on the situation in #Gaza, before he releases the Annual Report on International #ReligiousFreedom.

"Today, we are continuing to work toward establishing an unconditional humanitarian ceasefire, one that could honor Eid, which begins now, and that will stop the fighting, allow desperately needed food and medicine and other supplies into Gaza, and enable Israel to address the threat which we fully understand and which is real – the threat posed by tunnel attacks – and to be able to do so without having to resort to combat.  That is what could come from a ceasefire."  

"We believe the momentum generated by a humanitarian ceasefire is the best way to be able to begin to negotiate and find out if you can put in place a sustainable ceasefire, one that addresses all of the concerns – the long-term concerns as well; begin to talk about the underlying causes of the conflict in Gaza, though those obviously will not all be resolved in the context of a ceasefire, sustainable ceasefire discussion.  But it is important to try to build, to begin, and to move in a process, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.  That is the only way, ultimately, this conflict is going to be resolved."

Read Secretary Kerry's full remarks here:  
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Political yap yap yap... Seriously
Si todos es como un teatro si final nada es verdad todos es una pérdida dé tiempo 
Overpaid Idiot waiting for instructions from his Israeli Masters
Reopen gas chambers for peace? 
Eng Yeo
The soft baby gloves the Americans are using on Isreal transgressions is a stark contrast to their reaction to Syria,which has a duly elected goverment only not bless by the Americans because they refuse to tow the American policy. Why can' the Americans treat all people equal not use the usefulness of the country to American policies as the critirior for friendship and assistance. For propoganda half truth were utered. In war the bonds of decency turns into cruelty. Perpetuated without the blink of an eye.
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