Kuwait City, Kuwait. June 25-26, 2013
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Vivaldi - Complete Cello Concertos (Ofra Harnoy)

I am really glad that the Strategic Weapons Assault Team did not shoot and kill either me nor my sister Atsuko over thirty years ago in Hokkaido. But we ran and hid and held hands all night. She never let me forget it or my original language and mother.

I think we can get married. Where is the immorality? I see none.
The fell and sick barbarians of the 21 Rapacious Boar's Legion of Rome have all been caught in their own trap. It is perhaps only a matter of time now before they all find their way to a federal detention center and punitive measurers by the high court and an international war crimes tribunal.

Just imagine the savoury gossip of this publicly accessible scandal.

I am not certain that Otis Anderson is without guilt but I much rather would like to have my revenge by living to collect all of the money and retiring like an eccentric Gothic who is eternally dressed in black mourning and living in a Victorian era or Edo period lifestyle in seclusion.
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