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I know it's enraging to see this kind of horrific abuse of helpless, sweet animals, but saying things like "pour acid on them", "burn them alive" and "cut their tongues" really only serves to make you look as violently insane as the person who did this to the poor dog. Sadly, these kinds of comments are the norm on animal abuse videos. Please take some of that rage and focus it towards getting animal abuse laws strengthened. It's all too easy to threaten someone that you'll never meet or even know the identity of. You're only adding to the energy of violence when you say things like that. And the people who are open to that energy (such as animal abusers) are encouraged by those kinds of fantasies. They may take what you said here and decide to do all that to an animal, because that's who a lot of violent people act out their gory fantasies on. There are enough horror movies and real-life criminals giving them ideas. They certainly don't need to hear all the torture ideas running through your mind as well.

This is a very heartwarming story, but the abuse of this dog was horrendous. It's hard to imagine the kind of mind that does this to their pet (although reading some of the comments here definitely helps me imagine.)