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This recording is excellent. I definitely hear his voice and I do think you're communicating with Robin. That's awesome, Steve. Great work! 

As for what happens to someone who commits suicide, there's the "official" version (you go to hell or purgatory), and then there's the spiritual version, which is based on a great deal more evidence (channeled info and hypnotic regressions) than most religions can offer you. 

Here's a basic summary of the spiritual/New Age beliefs regarding suicide. There's also an excellent book called "Suicide: What Happens in the Afterlife" that I recommend if you want more information. 

Many believe that if you commit suicide you have to continue to live out your natural life span as an earthbound spirit. When you're a spirit, you're affected by the thoughts of the living. With so many people grieving over his death, especially with him being a suicide, he may be forced to watch all of this happening and experience our feelings of grief, sadness, and anger as we experience them. This is why it's not a good idea to grieve heavily for those you love if you can help it. You can seriously impede their progress in the afterlife, dragging them back to you every time you lose control of your emotions. Emotions are very powerful.

Those who commit suicide may have to relive in super-slow motion all the events leading up to and during the suicide (basically an end-life-review in slow motion). They then have to see and feel how their suicide affects everyone else. When you're famous like Robin, it's going to affect a lot of people. We should really all pray for him and send him peace and love to help him deal with what he could be going through. 

No one truly knows exactly what happens in the afterlife, but there is a fair amount of information on the subject that I've read and I would recommend that everyone read it so they don't end up as earthbound ghosts, or worse. There are hells in the afterlife, although if you're a bad person it may or may not seem like "hell" to you. You will probably be somewhat comfortable there among the other nasty, mean people. Basically, your thoughts are what will create your reality there. So try to be kind and loving to yourself and others and you may end up in a much better place when you cross over.