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Hey witches and wizards! (We couldn't really expect male witches to call themselves a girly word like "witch" forever, could we? lol.)

Hope you guys are having a cool summer so far.

I just found out that Google+ offers business pages, so I've set up a page for Everything Under the Moon. Please come by and like the new page! :) I'll be posting some cool pics and links there.

Thanks for all the wonderful support you guys have given me over the years. It's always hard to believe that EUTM is still going after 16 years! It's all thanks to you! 

Blessed be,
www.eutm.com (<--shortcut to EUTM)
One of the oldest and most respected witchcraft sites on the web.
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Good day! I hope you joined my page. I've been posting neat stuff over there for like an hour, but the last post was the most interesting (in a horrible way.) 
I just found you. I have been wondering about a name for myself. I thought I had one Winter Rose but I just can not get into it 
Starwitch just wanted to say I love both your Google+ and your website for everything under the moon. I have been a moon lover since my earliest childhood. I've always enjoyed just standing under the moonlight and watching her. Know that I'm older I realize that my attraction to the moon is natural I'm a cancer and I was drawn to the craft through a chain of events that I know are not coincidence. Thanks for all you do. Blessed be.
That's wonderful, Bran. So happy to have you here sharing your experiences with us! Blessed be! 
Much prefer the word Witch to Wizard,Wizard doesnt feel right,but hi anyways xxxxx
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