Streaming Provider Pitches Lucrative Proposal to CBS

STARFLEET.IN | While hosting Saturday's "State of the Trek" Fan Forum Panel at Phoenix #Comicon 2014, author-producer Larry Nemecek delivered the news of Star Trek's possible return to television via media-content streamer Netflix.

As a person with numerous inner-franchise connections and knowledge, Nemecek revealed that Netflix has indeed  approached CBS Broadcasting, Inc. on "hosting" a Netflix exclusive new Star Trek -series. The streaming provider, we were told, followed-up with a formal proposal in which any new potential Trek series becoming a "Netflix Original" with Netflix producing the series entirely.

An added twist to this proposal, however, would provide CBS, license owners to #StarTrek , "royalties" for every individual viewing of an episode (of the proposed series) on Netflix.

At 45 million subscribers (worldwide), #Netflix trumped Wall Street expectations in both subscriber growth and revenue for 2013 and is expected to continue its phenomenal growth throughout 2014.

And while Netflix refuses to release viewer ratings data, both Nielsen Media and market research group Gfk have both declared "Star Trek" as being the most-streamed television show on Netflix and the internet overall in separate year-end reports for 2012 and 2013. Spearheading these numbers are Star Trek: The Next Generation, the original Star Trek series & Star Trek: Voyager and more than doubling the viewership numbers of Deep Space Nine, Enterprise and the Animated Series.

Assuming Netflix's royalty angle, how much sense would such a proposal for CBS make remains unclear, as does any plot for the possible new series. 

Nemecek is the managing editor of the official Star Trek: Communicator Magazine and guest-writer & producer of In addition to writing credits for Star Trek: Voyager, Nemecek is a columnist for Star Trek Magazine and the author of several franchise technical manuals including the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, Star Trek: Star Charts, Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library and Star Trek Fact Files Reference Guide │ +STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE 

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