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This is a quality article, clearly well informed and evidence based.
But it also has USEFUL STRATEGIES too.
Yep - research + practical application - yay.
#vocabularytips #language #linkwithliteracy

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Some new ideas. ❤ the sign on the door "the places you'll go" - clever.

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Woah. This article is fabulous.
Buyer Beware - the print is tiny, too hard to read on your phone - you need at least a tablet or preferably a laptop.
You will also need a coffee and some quiet time for deep reading (well at least I will).
Being the nerd (obsessed) I am, I'll be printing this one out and going over it with a highlighter in my hand.
Always looking for more ideas to fine tune our teaching and understand which resources work best for particular skills.

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When teasing becomes torment - what a line, cuts through. I'll have to remember this one.

Yep, They're here!!
Starfish is excited to announce that we sell the highly talked about Fidget Cube!
Not only that, but these ones are the real McCoy, ridgi-didge, genuine article. They have been tested to the highest standard, and are the best.
Tomorrow morning, I will go through and contact everyone on the waiting list to organise pick up or delivery, colour and quantity.
These little gems are also available on our website:

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There are some unscrupulous people out there ripping off other people's ideas and riding on the back of other people's hard work.

Know the truth about Fidgicubes....

Fidgicubes are unreal.

Wish I'd come up with the clever idea (and had the courage and tenacity to follow the idea through to fruition). The idea is genius, but it takes extreme energy, risk taking, time, self-belief, persistence and money to bring the idea to a completed product and get it distributed. In this case, worldwide.

And, it was just two young blokes, brothers - Matthew and Mark - about the same age as my sons. I take my hat off to them.

Here's the background.
- one of them is a compulsive fidgeter
- the boys came up with the idea and eventually developed a prototype
- they crowd-funded via Kickstarter
- Mathew and Mark worked tirelessly on social media and it went viral
- they were inundated with pledges and orders. I was one of them....I pledged in the first round (way back in September 2016) and my reward was 80 units - which still have not arrived. I've been formally notified they are now on their way, so we're expecting them any day. Yay. Phew. At last. They will retail for about $30.00
- unscrupulous people then jumped on board and stole their idea, made illegal knock-offs and beat the two young fellows to distribution. You can pick up cheap imitation knock-offs online and on Facebook for half the price - be very clear, these are fakes, they are illegal and it is pure and simple stealth. Selling them at retail is also illegal. The young fellows have a patent. I received an email today confirming the distributor is and will be pursuing all distributors of the "fakes" at every level from manufacturing to retail.

At Starfish we are all about quality and integrity.

Our soon-to-arrive fidgicubes are the real McCoy, ridgi-didge, genuine article.

They have been tested to the highest standard, and are the best.

In the true Aussie spirit, we support all people, young or old, having an honest and decent go.

p.s. I'm waiting on details as to how you can be sure to tell the fakes from the real deal. As soon as I have that information I'll pass it on.

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eBooks have their advantages - we can adjust the font type and size - which we KNOW helps kids with reading difficulties.
A 'real' book somehow offers a 'bigger' experience. I'd rather read a 📚 any day and it seems most kids would too.
One of my many wishes - publishers would choose a reading-friendly font type and size for kids books (and resist urge to reduce costs by doing the opposite) as more children would read more books.
Not the only fix, but it's an easy one.

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Normally I make a conscious decision to keep posts positive.
I can't let this one slide though.
The whole situation is awful and tragic.
But since when does being on the spectrum mean you don't have the same depth of emotions and emotional pain as others????????
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