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Pablo Hidalgo, Lucasfilm Brand Communications Manager and author, weighs in on the future of Star Wars at the Star Wars Blog.
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Write a good, compelling script that logically advances the saga in an entertaining manner, without worrying about shoehorning in cameos from anyone!  Thanks!
It's time for the negativity to end. The fans want the haters to go away and find something else.

Edit: It's also time for the would-be directors to stop adding their opinions on what they would change or "what would be acceptable." Fans like something. If you don't like it as is, you're not a fan. Go find something to like. We like Star Wars.
I really want to like the new ones, but comic relief must end. Keep it as simple as the original with R2D2 and C3PO
Feature Luke and Leia's kids from the new Jedi order book
Apparently Disney bought it and is planning to make 3 more.... interesting..
Only three? You don't pay $4b for a movie franchise and expect you will make your money back in 3 movies. Expect a lot more to come.

Now that Disney owns both Marvel and the Star Wars franchise, I wonder I we will see a remake of the original movies where Iron Man takes on Darth Vader, or Hulk vs Emperor???
That would be a very strange movie, I hope that never happens, Hulk with a lightsaber would look very strange XD
I fear for Star Wars' future. (despite me knowing that fear will only lead me towards the dark side)  Even just one foolhardy and greedily made movie can ruin everything by destroying that special feeling you only get from Star Wars. The feeling that this has been made to genuinely entertain and enthrall, not just to make big bucks and fill someone's already too heavy pockets.
Donald Duck will have four nephews now




The story of the Skywalkers has been told, at this point any sequels is just a money grab. But there are certainly other eras in the Star Wars universe which could make an interesting trilogy
I don't fully understand why people are so critical of GL, without him there would be no Star Wars at all.
I'd have to agree with +Kara Elizabeth He's still responsible for creating or co-creating 6 out of the 10 most viewed movies in history, as far as I know.
But according to the extended universe - the Skywalker-tale is far from over. There's still the matter of Luke creating the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, his fall to the dark side during The Second Empire - and his marriage to Mara Jade - which again continues the Skywalker-tale with their children and so on. The tale that has been told and finished, is that of Anakin Skywalker, the main character in all 6 movies. As you all know of course.
I think ROTJ ends on good note - the Sith are gone and the republic has been restored. Why would you want to mess with that?
Yeah that kind of storyline would invalidate the integrity of Luke in the movies. These movies aren't coming out so fast as to be treated serially like the Comic-Books were under Marvel.
Well. . .they could introduce a new sith in Star Wars 7. . . maybe an unknown son of one of  the old sith. Trying to seek revenge by killing the jedi. Luke Skywalker tries to find and kill him only to find out that he would be killing his brother. Then end the movie for dramatic effect. They then could make Star Wars 8 by telling Luke's brother's side of the story starting with watching his father die and blaming Luke for the death. They could tell about the brother's adventures and then end with the first deul of the two brothers. Star Wars 9 would be the reunitement of the two.(oh! and Leia!)
I'm sorry but that makes less sense than most of the EU.
I agree that it could be about the rise of a new dark side order, but they would not in fact be sith or have anything to do with them. In general, I think the sequels should stay as far away from the Skywalkers as possible. I think it is the best way to keep from upsetting people, but then people will be upset no matter what.
I never understood why people bashed the prequels. Not as good as the originals, but still awesome. Personally I think it is "herd-think". People tend to believe what everyone else believes. I am looking forward to more Star Wars.
There's so much hating on the prequels no one really stops and appreciates how groundbreaking those films actually were in terms of the history of cinema and special effects. Same for people who hate the original trilogy and think it's campy and outdated. That's what makes GL one of the best filmmakers of our time, he was always pushing the limits.
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