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Character of the Week: Figrin D'an -- Kloo horn player extraordinaire and leader of the band Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes who are often seen entertaining the scum and villainy of the Mos Eisley Cantina.
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Whoa, what's he playing? It's so cool! I totally want to be him. Minus the weird head and all.
nice thats a cool instument i play a cleranet
He's the Miles Davis of Tattooine
 Figrin D'an: Any requests?  (whisper) play that same song (loud) Alright same song
his instrument looks a little like an oboe..... i dunno why it just does
actually know that i rly look at it it doesnt look like anything....
I have the whole band in 6 to love Star Wars!!!
it the stupidest desetion george lucas ever made and im sayin somethin cause hes my hero
It almost looks like a lightsaber at the bottom of the instrument
I am from the planet butthead take me to your leader
+tom tote, although he looks more normal than anybody on The Family Guy or The Simpsons
i disagree... those r just plain cartoons this guy is BIZZARE.
Star Wars Trivia: The band was portrayed by Rick Baker, Phil Tippett, Jon Berg, Laine Liska, Doug Bestwick, and Tom St Amand.
     --Source Wikipedia
I'm a super huge fan of the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina (aka Chalmun's Cantina)  and it's alien inhabitants of  "scum and villainy" which includes the +Star Wars posted character above.  Here's a great find that I just found now while Google Searching around. 
I thought it said friggin' Dan
alright then..... any who, i just learned augie's great mancupial band on my oboe from one of these movies :3 its pretty easy ( with the version im using )
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