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Lucasfilm announces that Oscar-winning writer Michael Arndt, who penned Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine will write the screenplay for Star Wars: Episode VII.
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Thank God someone with talent was brought on for this project 
this is going to suck , get ready for the animated movie Star Wars 7
Might still be based on Thrawn - he's coming on to write a screenplay, which means the base story is already there, he's just got to find a way to translate the story into something that will work on screen. I see this as a good thing. Don't give in to the fear... Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, that is the path of the dark side. 
I fear that a my young dream will come to a sadly nightmare.
It wasn't George satisfied enough about touching, cutting, stretching, adding and touching again the original trilogy?
Little miss sunshine was a pretty great script IMO. Good characters. Not exactly the same genre, but think about it this way (and this hurts to say)... at last George Lucas isn't writing it
FUCKING TOY STORY?!? ARE YOU SHITING ME! Sorry for the all caps but GOD!! George what did you do to Star Wars?
Well still, i don't care much for the movies, it's really in the books and games that cover most of the star wars universe. But still Disney running Star Wars? Look what they did to ever other film they made, look at Prince of Persia, or Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm not liking this already.  
WOW....... May the ______  Be with us ALL !
Well, as long as Lucas is part of the process it's gonna SUCK.  Get ready for JarJar's kids.  >:(
How about an Adult version where there is real blood when someone gets blasted by a blaster at least? 
Crap. Lucas is now to star wars what Jerry Jones is to the Cowboys. He has a good writer, but will his ego let him do this without screwing with it....I think not.
But in real life, a blaster, which is a high-intensity laser, would instantly cauterize the wound, preventing any blood.
+Daniel Anuchan a blaster in the movie blows holes into anything that it hits, there should be some blood spatter somewhere.  Or body parts.
I believe a "blaster" actually shoots ionized gas (or plasma), thus the need for cartridges which contain gas for each blaster.
How about Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars?  That might work...
Everyone forgets what a disaster the Marvel movies had become until Disney purchased Marvel. Now look. They've produced some fairly entertaining movies not the least of which was The Avengers. It can't get worse than the prequels. That's bottom of the barrel. Only way to go is up. 
Good news, somebody with credibility writing character driven stories. It's just what Star Wars needs.
The first good thing that happened this month! : D

Brad Bird to direct. Or Ridley Scott.
* Que
Let's get the ball rolling.
Matthew Vaughn would do a fine job, but I'd choose Neill Blomkampt over Vaughn.
Martin Scorsese. Would be a dark freaking Bounty Hunter only story. Imagine Boba Fett or Bosk as Travis Bickel.
This guy obviously has talent.  Look at the movies he's been part of.  After the less than satisfying new trilogy, they had to do something to raise the bar.  The key to the movie will be the director.
As long as it's not Kevin Smith with his time-travelling Boba Fett story.
Toys Story 3 and The Dark Knight are probably the two best scripts I've read in the last 5 years. He's got the talent.
The Thrawn Trilogy were fun books, but they weren't good at being Star Wars. Most of the rest of the EU wasn't even fun books. Hoping for a fresh start.
I mean...this doesn't bode well, but it still has to better than Lucas and Jar Jar. :)
Tony S
Yippee!! Me's a likin' this news Mr. Jedi! Me's a tinkin' it might be good if the first six movies wuzza turnin' out to be in Andy's imagination!
I was wondering when they'd get a round to it. 
Remember, Disney was involved with The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man 2 and Thor. None of those sucked. 
Toy Story 3 ... only movie in the history of watching movies that made me cry. 
Episode VII: To Infinity And Beyond /smh
Starring Johnny Depp as darth sparrow  :) 
Randy H
At least it's not that guy Uwe Bole or however you spell it's name! 
Well let's all convene at Taschi Station whilst purchasing power converters over some lattes and just chill the f_(k out! Star Wars is DEAD.
Kate W.
Yaaaaaayyyyy 😑
greg s
Strange choice....
The Rebel Alliance and The Galactic Empire to talk out their grievances amicably in Star Wars VII.
+bernard dicang "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror ... I fear something terrible has happened."
I sense, hordes of annoying characters in the vein of Jar Jar Binks or the Ewoks, that they think "kids will love."

At least it's not Uwe Boll.
I'm seriously guessing most of the people bashing the choice have not actually seen Toy Story 3. The story is borderline dark for a kid's movie, I was genuinely surprised watching it in theaters with my kids and they won't watch it now because it's "too sad". So far this movie is shaping up to be legit.
As long as there is a character as good as "the second best Proust scholar in the world" I will be happy.
yes, i no, disney bought the franchise!!! this will ruin star wars
Why on earth would they do this: Timothy Zahn has already written some brilliant books that follow the movies.... Use them!

Timothy Zahn or GTFO.
did anyone know that disney bought lucasfilms?
Just seeing the Words Star Wars Episode VII sends chills down my spine! Yay! Hopefully we get to meet Jacen and Jaina!
I don't care if J&J don't make the cut, +Donald Hann, but I will totally boycott Disney if they get rid of Mara Jade...
Just putting this out there; Disney had BETTER do a good job with 7
Disney has done a great job with Marvel. I think Disney will do awesome with Star Wars, even if it is animated. If they animate it, they could bring back Hamil, Ford, and Fischer to do the voice acting
Its not go be the same without Lucas. 
Good morning to you once again all
I just hope they stay true to the franchise!
I hope Buzz Lightyear and Woody make a special appearance. sarcasm
This is going to be an animated movie damn
Can't wait for the scene where C3P0 and R2D2 awkwardly attempt to throw a piss-stained mattress into a dumpster on a hot day in La Jolla.
Looking forward with this coming Episode V11.......
All I would say is that Disney has performed BRILLIANTLY with the Marvel takeover and subsequent films within that franchise. I see no reason to doubt their capabilities with Star Wars. In related news, keep in mind that almost every blog at the time absolutely butchered the choice of Daniel Craig when he was first chosen as the new Bond a few years ago. Why was that again?? Oh right... He had BLONDE HAIR!! Eeek! Consider people's very different opinion of Craig's Bond persona now. Maybe, just maybe, Disney has enough talent and foresight on board to make the right choices as it pertains to their latest $4.05 BILLION DOLLAR Investment in Star Wars.
+Dave Horsler briliiant. Deserves a double ++. The Yuzhon Vong war would be pretty cool. The funny thing will be when the people who haven't read any of the books and bitch about Boba Fett dying too easy/quick, start to bitch about him being alive. No pleasing some people. 
Who is even going to remember the original Star Wars now? It'll all become 'how do the new ones compare to the prequels?'. These new movies are going to have an in built defence mechanism of 'at least they're not the prequels'. No risks are going to be taken with this, it will be made to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and as such will appeal to nobody in particular. The more movies and tv shows they make, the cheaper and less grand the original trilogy is going to become. Gone are days when new movies get made that will later become classics, it's all about brand recognition instead of creativity and vision. They might as well add the year the movie was made, and release a new one every year, like FIFA or Madden video games. "Star Wars: 2015; Star Wars: 2018; oh look, it's another Star Wars, which one are we up to now? Who cares, as long as it isn't written by lucas" will be the new rationalisation for putting up with this crap. 
I dont think he's very fit for the firlm,so he shuold relaxe for a while please
I'd go for a new star wars movie any day. Star wars is practically the only series that gets a free pass with sequels and prequels (for me). Can't wait
Not a fan of Little Miss Sunshine, some great moments but...
And don't see the connection between the two... the truth shall be revealed.
I hope it is actually like... Continuing if that's possible, but not like some peter pan adventure stuff.
Do anybody know if the story will be related to the 6 original movies? 
Dude Little Miss Sunshine was funny and dark and fun and complex, I like it.
And so it begins; Episodes 1 to 3 were bad enough, now they're going to "kiddyfy" Episodes 7 to. I did think that they couldn't be worse than the prequels; how wrong that assumption was. :(
Bit presumptuous there folks, let's keep our fingers crossed eh?
Ill accept if our Lord and creator fucks up and creates an abomination like Jar Jar binks,...he can be forgiven and worshipped again,.....but if these Disney crackheads fuck this up,....I will burn their house down.
I sense a great disturbance in the force!!!
I miss you so much 
As if he has not killed our childhood enough. :-( I have a bad feeling about this. May the force, be with us all.
oh yeah i'd love a new star wars film cause their awsome
Hello my dear friend, Junior Plus, I'll share my new post that I put way too much and it fan Grftarh friend needs our prayers and our faith is not important, it is important to pray for you, Thank you
B Dean
Well it couldn't be any worse than 1, 2 & 3!
This could be good. I guess it'll be on yes lighter side of things, I just hope it's not jar jar singing you've got a friend in me. 
I'll be convinced this was a good idea when I'm walking out of the theatre...
It can't be any worse than the prequels. I'm betting I'm the first person ever to say that because I'm so original. You're welcome everyone. Happy to help.
Well Toy Story 3 was shit, so im not sure im supposed to feel good about that writer.
+Trevor Marsh , you've not actually seen Toy Story 3 or Little Miss Sunshine, have you?  Two films, two Oscars for screenplays.
Please stop dicking around and go get Damon Lindelof to write it. If you're going to kill something, kill it right.
Gonna be fun over the next few months as more announcements regarding this movie are made.
Wow i'm getting sick and tired of everyone bashing Disney and calling this the end of star wars. cuz Disney is gonna ruin it. Has anyone seen the avengers? ..... Did u like the avengers? Of course u did it was one of the best super hero movies ever made..well guess what !!!... Disney owns marvel and they did a fantastic job so far and it won't be any different with star wars
It's amazing how many people forget that Star Wars was originally a children's film! It's a fairytale story....... "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away!" Disney can't do any worse than what the franchise is already doing ;)
rolls eyes oh boy... can't wait for Zac Effron Skywalker in episode 7. 
I think it will be OK . Avengers was good and its owned by Disney. Disney can't make mor of an arse of it than George Lucas did to it . 
Q aI
Chris Nolan should direct tho
Toy Story 3 and little miss sunshine were not good movies 
+david greifzu - I bet money they won't kill it. They will inject so much life into Star Wars that it will make the prequels look like they were made by a preschooler. I predict the first movie Disney produces will be better than the prequels combined!
Toy Story 3?!? At least Buzz Light Year can fit into the whole space and stars scenario. LOL!!!
Wish they would have signed on Joss Whedon to do it instead. Now that guy can write! 
I can guarantee there will be at least 5 musicals in the first 40 minutes of this film. 
This better be as good as the other ones. If this movie stinks, then Steven Spielberg better take over.
Why didn't you get the guys from WALL-E or Up? I like those movies more.
I can see it now....... Justin Bieber as Luke's son and at some point he gets his hands and legs chopped off, turns into Justin Vader who dances and sings on stage for the ladies (5-16 year old girls)...... When suddenly..... Micky Mouse Kenobi swings in and they start battling....... Dance off! 
So th new Star Wars are going to be animated?? Oh, well maybe it will be good? Who knows? There is better technology now a days. So for graphics and thing it will probably be like the 3rd Star Wars.
I wonder if they'll stick to the books (i.e. Courtship of Princess Leah), or make up they're own crap. 
On the bright side, It's out of George's hands. He's proven that he can't be trusted with Star Wars anymore. The new films can't be worse than episodes 1-3
Amazing, may the force be with him.
These are troubling times may the force be with us all jejejejee
So they can make 3 more movies but they can't make Battlefront 3?
They'll either be class or a complete flop. I'm going for class.
Ah, Jesus. Starring Honey Boo Boo?
I find your lack of faith disturbing...
He also wrote the screenplay for the Hunger Games. The guy has talent, he is held in high regards in Hollywood.
You people wanting Joss Whedon to write or direct episode 7 are bonkers. The guy is fully loaded with projects till 2017! He doesn't have the time to do Star Wars justice at this point.
Talented professional, now Martin Campbell for director.
Lucas must have sold out for a reason, because you don't see your life's work out unless something is wrong, like a health reason.

I can only hope that the story for the next episode is written to pick up where the empire and rebels left off. Things were peaceful at the end of the movie with hardly any unfinished business.
You know everyone is all like "gunna suck" first Disney made avengers if you forgot and I think you forgot the last three movies if star wars.....they sucked. So it can't get any worse anyways!
This got me a bit scared. But he's not directing, just screen writing so I guess that stands for something.
Give it a chance, so far pirates and advengers have been good!
Ryan Ng
I don't really get it. Who is he...
I can't wait, this is going to be awesome. I just hope it's not totally different fronted other ones. Hope they keep it similar
They should have adapted Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy. It's so embraced by the fans.
Is everyone forgetting that Disney produced the avengers? 
there is a point I like to mention and hope other fans like me pay attention to it. if you have had endevours into star wars saga and the stories added to the series as they predict the future of the series you know for dure that the sotry wont take a good turn in the end and the dark side crushing luke and other like flies but what is important in this is that this turn of events is not going happen to in a logical manner. let's say if this is to be done by any means and mr. lucas wishes to have a success like the primary trilogy not the add-on ones, he should reconsider the script.
So Han and Leia are going to take their kid to a beauty pageant across the galaxy and 3p0 is going to learn about a group of droids who are pissed that they didn't get hugged enough?
Doesn't sound too bad, although I do think he may write a quite emotional script, which, while not bad per se, would be odd.
After ewoks, jar jar, annoying robots doing slapstick, the force being caused by microscopic things, and the infamous "noooooooooooooo!", people are worried that disney will ruin star wars? How exactly? It has already gone from prom queen to turning tricks under a bridge. The only direction it can go is up.
+kevin ivory, I'm not nearly as negative and condescendingly  backhanded as you but I also don't think that Disney will ruin the Star Wars franchise and Lucasfilm brand because from my observation when Disney buys a brand, they buy it for the brand and their intention is to preserve the brand and not bastardize it with the exception of perhaps Disney Star Wars Weekends, but that's the Disney Orlando Florida park and that's been going on for something like 8 years prior to the acquisition.  Besides that Disney pays all that money - to tap that audience pool, that demographic, that fan base to help fill a gap that Disney cannot in itself fill.  And why chance jeopardizing  fixing something that ain't broke and risk alienating the core base.  If it isn't apparent to you and the naysayers out there all you have to do is look at some of Disney's other acquisitions such as Marvel and Pixar.  Disney's has stayed clear of meddling and messing with those companies and allowed them to operate independently.  Heck, go back even further in Disney acquisition history. Miramax and Touchstone Pictures, brands that Disney left to their own distinct independence.  
Tegen R
It sucks that lucasfilm is onwed by disney beacause starwars won't be the same without george lucas
+Michael Comia um, yes you are negative and backhanded. The first sentence of your post proves. Dimwit.
Considering Lego Star Wars and Darth Maul is the best thing offered from this franchise in the last 20 years I am getting excited again.  Thanks!
+Tegen Readman, Lucasfilm might be different without George Lucas, but that doesn't mean it might be bad.  I think  The Walt Disney Company is holding the image Walt Disney set up for the company pretty well.  Same thing with Apple without Steve Jobs.
Tegen R
I guess Michael Comia
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