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Angry Birds Star Wars has finally arrived! May the flock be with you.
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Angry birds fantastic....five stars to Rovio.... :-) 
It's going to get me in trouble at work!!!!   Next time a FRIDAY 5pm release would be appreciated!!!
dose anybody have an activation key that i may use
Yes I have waited a long time for this moment
Thank u Rovio for not making me pay for it on android. I already bought the iPad HD version too. 10 stars.....
Use the link attached on this blog.
Omg I want this really bad!!!
i got it for free in the google store
Not happy about being asked to pay for extra levels in a game I paid for. Fail. If I paid for a game I should get the whole game. Charge people who downloaded the free version, not your paid users
CAn't wait 4 the new Disney Star wars movies. so cool. can'yt wait
i have played it and its epic
how much is it? my ipod died and i have 2 charge it be4 i can buy it.
nooo because you have to pay for the dumb game actully the game is not dumb aat all
i still disagree... i like holding on to my pennies
ummmmm...what is even with this angry birds craze?
I loved the Angry Birds before and I'm a Star Wars freak now they put the 2 together awesome
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