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So basically Disney will trample on the corpse of what was a great saga, a long time ago...
Expectations are high, but reserved.
I think Admiral Ackbar said it best:  "It's a trap!"
I've often wondered if 2000 years from now that if someone found a copy of star wars and thought it was all true and actually happened like we did with the bible
I think it is for the best to leave some things as they are and have always been... Star Wars was one of those things, imao...
I think this is great... More Star Wars, always wanted to see episode 7-9... but none of that animated stuff please...
+Pedro Dodero Escalante Many would say that George Lucas already did that! Not me- I love episodes 1-3... except for the parts that make no sense...
+james fouracres if a copy of star wars was the only fragment of human civilisation left... who knows... but these people might actually have a clue about stuff and where it came from...
+1 purely for the Tatooine v2 image.
I believe it's going to be great to expand the Star Wars universe with more movies. I f we think about it, the stories weren't out of this world, I believe that the rules of the stories and the Jedi-Sith background are the most exciting aspect of this saga. I strongly feel that Disney is going to do a very nice job. They've got a standard to keep and plenty of fans to please.
Hopefully, you will not trample all over the expanded universe, which Lucas has said more than once is Canon, and do something NEW, set in the future, long past the expanded universe timeline. Otherwise, you will feel a tremendous disturbance in the force, as if millions of fanboy's cried out and were suddenly silenced.
I vote for the Episode VII to be "Heir to the Empire"...  And of course follow up with the other 2 books to complete the trilogy...  It has references to elements of the first 6 episodes, Mara Jade is introduced, and Grand Admiral Thrawn is genius...  Done...
Lucas WILL be creative adviser so rest assured that Episode 7- 9 will be great, Hope fully it will be true 3D & have dazzling CGI.
I hope This falls into the hands of "pure-ists" and touch on the expanded universe that compliments the original trilogy. Like elaborating on how Boba Fett did not die after falling into the Sarlac. He cut his way out and servived!! Not only that but we finally saw Kasyyyk and more Wookie's. I would like to see more of Kamino and the Mandalorian culture.
I can't wait to see how different writers, directors and animators interpret the Star Wars universe. It's massive, so room for everyone !
Elaborating on the history of the battle of Corbos and the exile of Dark Jedi's and the establishment of the Sith Empire would be cool too. 
Lucasfilm has officially gone to the Dark Side. They had cookies.
Samuel S.: LOL... You know, I have tried them they are very delicious! Wouldn't go back for seconds.
Well....look what I'm making on my post...

Maybe it will be finished in time for episode 7 ?...
Tell me what you think....

Is it flattering to know that you were purchased for a price of 4 Instagrams? On this note, we should use Instagram 1B as a new value measurement. "How much does it cost? -- Two instagrams"
I think the books will still be better, I am not sure that Disney will be able to pull off the feel of Star Wars, and its genious.
I'd love to see the Timothy Zahn trilogy made into movies, as well as tons of stories for the New Jedi Order... If that would happen in my lifetime I'd die a happy man.
Lucas can't do this forever and there are more stories to tell. I think these movies will bring back the magic of the originals.
+Zach Schmidt IMO, I think the only way to do that is to make the movies CGI in nature, with potentially the original actors voices.  Honestly, would you want to see Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford trying to pull off an action flick?  Ford looked like Professor Farnsworth in the Crystal Skull the way he was moving.  
Agreed, I was already steeling myself to see totally different humans playing that, probably would have to get a little drunk to trick my brain that these people are the same... shrug I'll suspend my belief in reality for more movies.  Honestly I don't care too much, I just want more stories.  I love the books and would love to see some turned into movies.  You can keep I,Jedi tho... =)
I'm really sick of people who aren't fans killing what is great news. If you like three of fewer of the films then sorry, you're NOT a Star Wars fan, and that means you should move on. Star Wars fans are very excited about the the news from Lucasfilm, and can't wait for episode VII
Not happy at all, if anything Disney needs to keep it's greedy mittens out of the saga
Can Disney ruin it any more than Lucas did with Jar-Jar and "Nooooooooo!" ??
Well Disney did okay with with Captain America and the Avengers movie. I know they are not in the same ball park but they didn't completely mess them up so I am very excited to see what they com eup with.
I really hope that Disney does justice to Star Wars, bring back the touchable details and the "feeling", the connection we had with Episodes 4,5&6. That they don't try to pack so much history in each episode. That they slow down and tell a story, and not overwhelm us with so much explosive action, so much going on at the same time. And I hope that Star Wars characters do not become Disney Parade muppets like Mickey Mouse and the rest. That would really steal the magic for me.
Travis.. I am a TRUE fan and i didn't care for e1-3 much but I was happy there were Jedi running around.. Yes im happy.. No I don't expect much. 
To me Star Wars is still a fantasy adventure aimed at grade school or jr. high kids 5 to 15 years old. It is good Sci-Fi, but in my view Star Trek is still more reality based. And as of now there is 6 movies verse 11 movies and 535 shows aimed more at Adults.

Who knows what Mickey & Mini will do now that Luke and Obi Wan have to now were mouse ears. Can't wait for Darth to piklot a Pirate boat in the 16th & 17th Centuries.
I personally think Disney will destroy the franchise and ignore the 80+ books in the extended universe that cover 40+ years after return of the jedi
Or they will cheat and copy snippets from those books and make a fuzzy blurred story line and create a movie that has no total story line connection to the Star Wars voyage.
yes that too...overall I think this merger or whatever will cause a lot of fans to ignore everything they produce....I certainly don't want to see a video game/show where disney chars interact with the star wars universe
But many will see the quick bucks in such a easy money making ploy that would be. Remember $$$ blinds many from ever seeing logic or even the full idea.
Sigh... expect to see future episodes about friendship and caring. :(
Very low... princess charging into war as Jedi in their pink dresses singing :(
I was proud to say I have been a true Star Wars fan since 1977.  

Now it's Star Wars Fan, 1977 - 2012.  RIP.

I have every book written in the Star Wars universe and so many of them are so much better than Episodes 1 - 3.  I'm glad Lucas made his money, good for him, as for me, I will not be watching anything Disney puts out with this franchise.  Put a fork in it, it's done.
Donald the day Star Wars premiered was my 17th birthday, that's May 25th, 1977

I graduated High School in 1978, but that year after teaching myself to program computers, I helped a friend create a text adventure called Star Wars. In the game your Millennium Falcon had been tractor beam pulled into a cargo bay on the death star and you had to rescue the Princess from Darth's prison cell. It was a text based game because back then you had no real graphics screens just had what the teletype would print out using text letters.
:O, the 3 suns make a micky mouse head!!!
Dean, did it go something like:

> get princess

Will be Mickey Mouse on Dark Side?... I'm inquisitive how Disney SW grasp. 
si pero no se sabe q leches hara con las pelis con lo q molan
Why episode 7?!?! How about some back story! A time long ago before commercialized "skywalker". Bring on the revanites story! To answer the post, I expect to see more JarJar failures than ever before.
I can't believe how many critics and Star Wars haters are out there who mislabel themselves as "fans".
Who cares what Disney do with Star Wars ! If you don't like it, don't watch it. Some people need to move on and stop moaning as if . If all you've ever enjoyed is the original 3, great watch those over and over again. Personally I can't wait for 'Honey I Blew Up The Death Star' and 'Vader Goes Bananas' !!!!
For the record, Lucasfilm is still operating as Lucasfilm. Kathleen Kennedy is president of Lucasfilm, and they will continue to make Star Wars. Only difference is that Disney now backs up Lucasfilm. They will be there to help support this company and this brand so it may continue to make more Star Wars well into the future. It's not like Star Wars got taken away from Lucasfilm and noobs are now in charge. What we have is a promise from the most powerful entertainment company ever to back Lucasfilm in the future to make more Star Wars. And that's a great thing
+Joseph Tavano were you even alive in 1977? Don't tell those of us who were there from the begining what kind of fans we are or aren't. Don't presume to speak for all of us either. You are welcome to your own opinion, but that's all it is.
Can't wait for the resurrection of the greatest story of all time. 
yeah! i love starwars,but  I think its messed up George Lucas signed with Disney!
Star wars will only get better with Disney. Considering their success with marvel and pixar... excited to see what they will do!
very but i think disney is up for it they own marvel and avengers was really good so it will definatly be something i go to see
+Adx Grave you know, nothing is off the table right now. Disney says a new SW movie every two to three years, even past the sequels, so I have hopes we'll go back to the Old Republic eventually.
Starting of by killing JAR JAR written by joss wheden. Nathon fillion.
You are entitled to your opinion I'll give you that. I can't wait to see if
the movie is any good. I love starwars.

Ashli Cooper
how could Lucasfilm sell Star Wars?! HOW COULD HE!
High, but they probaly wont be met
From what I've heard in the interviews Disney is planning to place Episode 7 very recently after Episode 6.  So, I expect the next movie to be based off of the book The Truce at Bakura.
Luke and leia are bro and sis....
well duh,did you think I did not know that?

Ashli Cooper
I know who doesn't know that?

Ashli Cooper
The nerds should chill. Starwars is just popcorn entertainment and Disney can't make it any worse than Lucas...
Disney didn't do too bad with Marvel and Pixar.  C'mon all, don't you just want more movies and stories?  Would you rather have 1977 movie shooting style or 2015 special effects which could show off more of the Force?
Any who thinks disney will crap on the star wars universe, is an idiot. Come on man, star wars needed a shot in the like, donald trump needs a hat. George should have given up the rights 3 films ago. Real Talk, c. Hayden as anakin made my pecker icth. i need to see Anakin display D. Vader traits from childhood, including hand gestures and patterns( "you are rebel tratior and a liar, take her away". I beleive disney can only help not hurt here. NOTE TO DISNEY, PLEASE ENLIST THE AID OF the WRITERS OF THE STAR WARS NOVELS

, you cannot go wrong there, trust us on this. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.
I beg to differ. Starwars is not for nerds
Nothing wrong with being a nerd. But they like complaining tho. Everything is a bad combination to them....Just enjoy the show... Or as Obi one would say- 'You want to go home and rethink your life'. Haha
Sorry - Obi Wan. Better get that in before a nerd tells me...
How far into the future is Episode 7 going to be from Episode 6?
i would have to go with my little cousin
it probably wont be as cool now that disney has it :( i think it ended fine at 6 but NOOOOOOO there just has to be more so yeah not really excited maybe a 7 out of 10
Shy C
George is still creative consultant so expect a few they stopped filming...but at the end Disney will fold n continue the legacy
Shy C
George is still creative consultant so expect a few they stopped filming...but at the end Disney will fold n continue the legacy
It better be a GREAT movie! Or I'm phoning up disney!
I have been a fan since I was 10 yrs old. I am RIDICULOUSLY excited and I never wanted it to end.  I think it may actually be BETTER than 1-3, which I actually enjoyed.  I choose to be very positive about this venture and I anticipate great things.
It's going to be absolutely stupid. It's DISNEY for peets sake. They're probably gonna have darth maul again...... ugh. It's gonna suck.
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