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Lucasfilm’s Fan Relations Adviser and Chief Executive of Rancho Obi-Wan, Steve Sansweet, talks about more Star Wars and the great times for fans.
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Star Wars Fantasia! Please pretty please!
First Marvel now Lucasfilms...What's next Activision?
It's bitter sweet. Those who like the star wars universe want to see it expanded. However,I'm not too optimistic on what Disney might do with it. Maybe we can get a star wars ride out of this lol 
The animated series has pixzar all over It!
This can't be bad. Look what they did with The Avengers. It'll be interesting to see how they pull off Ep. VII. 
as long as George Lucas has nothing to do with the directing it should be an improvement 
That 33rd degree Mason and Illuminatus named Walter Elias Disney is probably spinning in his grave now. If the forthcoming Star Wars films are free of pro-Illuminati and New World Order propaganda, then I shall endorse and promote them. Fie on the fascistic NWO. Freedom forever!
I guess mickey,and donald are going to become jedi masters.
I'm not sure if it's good or bad. I'd like to see more star wars as it would end sooner without disney. But also The new director might make a terrible movie and all the characters are over 60. Imagine Mickey going "Pluto I am your father" (in mickey voice) It would be funny but will put star wars down.
Uma N Z
wowwww, I'm so happy because i'm going to see more starwars parts soon!!
Disney, How about reviving Battlefront 3. Would love to see that happen.
The only real option I see is for them to jump to a new time. Either far into the old republic or far into the new republic....just please don't change established elements. 
I agree. However there is also the time from 1000 BBY till the first movie 
I don't trust Disney not to trample canon. 
From what I've seen, it'll be George Lucas himself who will trample the Expanded Universe canon.
Is there any way to convince Disney to also pick up Firefly the TV spin off of the movie Serenity?  It's one of those shows like Star Wars that makes you want to live in it and never see it end.
i was fine when nick buyed power rangers, i would be fine if disney buy Spongebob, but this,NO WAY!!!
i love disney but mr.lucas should have never sold to disney
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All the films are overated and dated. Disney can't do any worse.
In 1, 2, and 3 the CGI is dated even now. They look like cartoons and 4, 5 and 6 is just plain dated now. I mean, look at the pathetic lightsaber battles in them.
The lightsaber battles in all 6 movies are awesome, what are you talking about?
It's great news about possible new episodes. Regardless of all, I think that this pic of Mickey wearing a flightsuit illustrates exactly what we DO NOT want Star Wars to become in the future.
Jesus. Luke and Vader fight like 2 nine year olds having a stick fight in the back garden.
who said Mickey mouse is allowed to pilot an X-wing?
the fabled sequil trillogy? this could go two ways- an epic eddition the the saga, or worse than Attack of the clones...
some parts of it were good but it wasnt as good as the original trillogy or Episode 1... (cant compare it to Revenge of the sith, havent seen it yet) It was a good movie, and everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, but i found that it wasnt as good. the C-3PO head thing was a bit juvenile, though it was funny. 
what i was trying to say is that the new movies could be either REALLY good or REALLY awful.
I think they'll be awful because they'll have to find someone else to play the old characters (Luke, Han, Princess Leia). The original cast is waaaay too old now.
We can't see into the future. Who knows how the balance of the force can change dramatically. I'm hopeful that it turns out good in our way. Hopeful
For true Star Wars Fans. It's a dream come true. Again
Just a quick comment to the person who mentioned Firefly. You have it backwards. Firefly came first then Serenity
As for this sale business, I can't help feeling like the maker has abandoned us. I understand GL wants to retire, but God knows what Disney is going to do to the Star Wars franchise now. I feel with every fiber of my being that a sequel trilogy is a monstrous mistake. GL said himself that the story of the Skywalkers had been told. Anyway, there are truck loads of shitty novels if you like. Someone mentioned an old republic that might not be too bad.
I wouldent mind a Legacy-era series, Cade Skywalker has a Han Solo/Boba Fett sort of thing going... Or Ben Skywalker maybe... C-3PO and R2-D2 will still be played by the same people I hope, they are the only actors to appear in all 6 as the same person
Why would anyone think Disney would ruin Star Wars. Remember Pirates of the Carribean?
There were midnight release premieres. The fans lined up in droves. It was violent, full of action and magical. All qualities the Star Wars saga needs. Disney will deliver. George will still have a lot to contribute to episode seven I'm sure. The truth is we will all line up in droves we'll all eagerly wait for Episode eight..and get the toys at McDonald's. So chill out! 
uhhh... Let's not compare SW to Pirates of the Carribean. There's no good comparison (and a lot of people don't like PotC). I'm not worried about the movies themselves, I'm worried about the storyline, which is probably going to have us thinking "WHAT?!" after we see it (i.e. we might find that Han and Leia don't get married after all, because that is something that happens in the Expanded Universe).
they better not rewrite everything that happened since ROTJ... they can reinvent Chewie's death if they want, though- he derserved to go down in a spaceship or something, so of COURSE he dies when a moon hits a planet and he gets squashed... I know the author had George Lucas's permission to kill Chewie, but HONESTLY... have him go down in a space battle, like the the A-Wing pilot who lost control of his ship during the battle of Endor and died going Kamakaze to take out the Executor... 
sorry, i am ranting. (but HONESTLY)
I think it best that whatever they do make the movies about it should have nothing to do with the EU and should probably introduce a whole new cast of characters
Interesting... that may come out not as good if its done badly because all of the movies- Including The Clone Wars have been Skywalker-based. the problem with star wars movies now is there are so few eras that have space for a new movie, without stepping on plotlines. Past Cade Skywalker (luke's grandson) is the only post-movie era that would work really...
True, but contradictions already exist so i'm not sure that matters. Besides most of the EU is terribly implausible.
Well, some of us like the EU and some don't. I guess the ones that don't will probably love the Sequel Trilogy and the ones the do will hate it.
True, but some might hate it no matter what. Whatever the case, it seems to me that if GL doesn't write it and John Williams doesn't score it, then it's not really a Star Wars movie
GL is definitely writing it, although it's dubious whether Mr. Williams will write the music, as he's extremely old and has been postponing retirement for a long time (he's 80 something). If he does compose the music it would probably be the last movie he composes for.
My understanding was that GL was only consulting on the script, which isn't the same as writing it
I'm not sure, but what I read said that he wrote at least the outline, which was part of what Disney bought when they got LucasFilm.
the movies are all going to be mickey mouse not like the orignals 
They are just going to ruin star wars like Mickey as Luke what is next Donald as Han solo

Disney tryed this with power rangers now saban has it back they want shake and bake profit it may work for a time but I have mixed feelings

Ah notre souris ce tournerais t'elle vers la Force. En tout cas la WDC à racheter les droits à Lucas film pour disneyland Paris super !!!
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