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Han Solo: "Well, look at you! A general, huh?"
Lando Calrissian: "Someone must have told them all about my little maneuver at the Battle of Taanab." - Return of the Jedi
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Matt M
Things that don't make sense:  Solo is a General.  Lando is a General.  The Jedi who blew up the first Death Star is a Commander.
Going to watch it to day 
Disney has the power to either make the new movies really good or unspeakably bad. I hope they choose the former rather than the latter.
what was the " little maneuver at the Battle of Taanab." can anyone tell me ???
Calrissian began the battle by hiding his vessel in the ice ring of Taanab's moon, and lying in wait for the pirates. When the pirates were close enough, he intercepted them, ejecting his ship's cargo–a full load of electrified Conner nets–in the midst of the pirate fleet. While most of the pirate vessels were entangled and disabled by the drifting nets, Calrissian used his tractor beams to bash their ships with heavy chunks of ice from the moon's ring. Finally, Calrissian rallied the Taanab fleet, leading them to a decisive and swift victory. Calrissian himself was credited with nineteen kills.[3] (from The Star Wars Wiki)
Why is Han wearing only his 2nd Class Bloodstripes here? This was long after he got his 1st class ones. (2nd class are yellow, 1st class are red. Luke Skywalker earned 2nd class ones for destroying the first Death Star)
Uh... I don't think it happens in any episode, Bard. In everything I found, they only mention the battle in The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, but never do they say when it happens.  
+Ryan Porter, didn't Han retire his position?  Maybe if you leave the force and then join again, you have to start from scratch? Just a thought...
Well obviously it never happened, they only did it to make an image for Lando, they needed a reason for him to be a general after all +Brad Beswick 
+Avigail Goldberg You don't get bloodstripes by being in CorSec (and Han Solo was never a member of the Corellian Security Force). They were awarded to Corellians (and on rare occasions to non-Corellians, such as Luke Skywalker) for deeds of great courage, etc. Once you earned it, you kept it; in fact, it was the only insignia Han kept after being kicked out of the Imperial Navy. I guess the whole backstory hadn't been invented yet when the movie was produced - or perhaps the pair of pants with the red stripe on it needed to be washed the day the Rebellion attacked Endor XD
They made a stormtrooper shoot Bambi
Hilda, Hilda, wake up! I've invented a maneuver! 
Is this The Empire Strikes Back? Just watched it on Saturday. Loved it!!!
i heard that there are going to be 3 more star wars movies
Three new movies, starting 2015 with the prospect of three more further down the line...
As much as I love Star Wars i'm not so sure about 3 more movies??
perfect pic the looks on their faces
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