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. . . we crushed beneath us all these pretty words . . .
Photo of Truck in Field. What path to follow, whose path, at what time. It grows over, our truths, in the end. Sinks into soil or souls, the weight of minds or mine, beneath a shared sky that arcs, li...
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Hello +Star Rush , sorry!!! I would like to invite you to try a new platform created for photographers in mobile terminals. Your photographs are wonderful and we would like to share the experience with you!

It's a closed beta, but will soon be open to the world. Would you like to know? Thanks.
Hello, +J. Carlos Martínez. HOw are you. Thanks for the link, and I'll give it a try over the next week...let you know how that goes. :) DO I need anything for the beta?
Hello +Star Rush Thanks for the reply! to access only need to sign in and connect your account Instagram. Try to upload a photo and put a price, remember that you will not be sold, just want to test the application.

It will shortly be open to everyone. Thanks for your time, we welcome your comments.

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