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Photo of Seattle Sidewalk. Hurry up, hurry up and wait. — “Sunday Girl”, performed by Blondie 1979. I hear Blondie's “Sunday Girl,” when I look at this photo: an easy beat, sunny pop, a catchy ref...
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"I am not an exit"
null prolemo - I stay
what a phantastic place
for a little color paint, plus little lemon or orange or so tree
doors a little bit open
2, 3, 4 stools & 1, 2, 3, 4 or more friends
for a coffee-tea-hotchocolate-milkshake-meeting
and talk & talk & talk about what we will change tomorrow in this world
and than we sing it out in a tune full of phantasy
the exit is anywhere you stay
if you want it
by the way, this photo should not go through any "exit"
it has to hang on the wall to give mood to make it
this "no exit" has it to get a 'golden shell'
as a picture it has that taste of "entre les deux guerres"
so it is real 'frenchy', in the midst of your 'around the corner'
you have put the soul of that "no exit" real best in the pixel-box
it looks like a dog with sad eyes to me
question: is the anyone who gives a dog with sad eyes a kick?
no, you take him in your arms
so your photo does
I feel like taking corner "no exit" to my heart
hi Star,
you're welcome
have an idea at the end of THIS day here in France
and this Frnce now has a sicialist as leader
: the first 'friends' who should talk in this backyard
are Holland, Obama and Merkel ... who wants to join, there is place and if there is no more stool, there is carpet
all starts with imagination
why not in a backyard in Seattle
it can start anywhere
for sure
"... said the joker to the thief"