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I wanted to see if anyone here could answer this question? (prev posted Search Engineland) no luck...

If anyone still Uses Ranking Reports (Sigh-not a fan) ..I'm hoping for a solution.

Question: Are there any services or software solutions still left standing, that can still provide reliable SERP position reporting, for over 5K+ of key terms?
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If you don't mind inherent flaws introduced by localization and personalization, Brightedge does a fine job. It also shows traditional rank and blended with G+ Local results.

We know it isn't 100% reliable but it does surface trends quickly and is useful for seeing which terms are being used as synonyms. 

I also use Google's WMT extensively.
You could try SEO Workbench for Chrome (free) using different projects. Adding competitors enables you to see which site has the most percentage over a set of keywords (see export to html). Problem is that all automated keyword ranking tools are going against Google TOS (do not send automated queries to Google), so I think it's a matter of time before this tool gets banned too (or delivers false info)

You could also use data from Webmaster Tools and import it by using the API so you can use it in your own tools. Make sure you set the right filters else the 'average position' of your keyword is still way off. I think that the average position in Webmaster Tools is good enough if you just want to see upward or downward trends. The reason why you want to export rankings from Webmaster Tools is that it only shows rankings over a 3 month period (you cannot access data older than 3 months).
I don't know of any tools that check ranking that are within Google's TOS, even though lots claim to be. 

My day job uses BrightEdge - but same issues that +Rick Bucich brings up + against TOS (they will say they are totally within guidelines...)
Microsoft uses Brightedge, just thought I'd share that for conversation sake.
Maybe. I am saying the SeoToolSet is using the Google API. it is virtually the only tool out there that does that. So I am sure Google doesn't love it, but they tolerate it because follows the rules. And by that thought process is "approved."
+Rick Bucich Cisco does too. But that doesn't mean it's not against TOS! ;-) 

Then again, we do a lot of stuff that I wouldn't recommend to anyone even for a truckload of cash...
Yeah +Bradley Leese  - aside from research institutes at universities, to my knowledge, Cisco doesn't give anyone programmatic access to their search results. 

Bruce may have some good tools and I'm sure most of them are useful and fine - but let's not kid ourselves into think that automated rank checking is ok or that some private site out there magically has permission when others' don't.... 
Thanks for your quick responses:                                           +Rick Bucich +Ashley Berman Hale +Bert van Heerde 
I find that hilarious "【ツ】" SMILE,  
That Microsoft is also violating Google TOS!                          

 I will definitely look at Brightedge The problem with Webmaster Tools there is a maximum amount of terms they will ultimately display.

My client is a massive directory - with many verticals.  I did see a solution for processing Web Master Tools +Vanessa Fox Search Engine Lands Article: (Software for Webmaster Tools - called Blueprint) -Anyone out there actually uses this?

POSTSCRIPT: Sorry here is the direct link                                              
Ah, the good old days, when Google did provide an API for measuring search rankings (pre-personalization).

It was healthy to see the daily fluctuation, it builds a thicker skin.
+Ashley Berman Hale Bruce Clay's tools use the Google paid API. We pay for permission, it isn't a secret, rather it costs more money than the now penalized scraper ranking tools mentioned above. 
+Bradley Leese Does this include Brightedge? I'm confused I was under the impression that all API - SERP ranking violates Google's Terms of Service (TOS) - Are you saying that Bruce Clays Software can/is allowed to do this?
AWR - proxies. You're going to have more functionality at your fingertips and updates on demand. It's not cheap, but it works. 
+Brent Rangen *Problem with AWR* you are correct it's too expensive. multiple machines, variable proxies - then you need to cobble all those reports together! (Not a programmer am I) - Not an optimal solution if you're dealing with way over 5K of keywords.  PS: AWR is fine for smaller clients.  Besides I'm 100% sure that proxies even further degrade SERP results on top of personalization.
I like it for bigger keyword lists, easy report scheduling, uploading and can be self sufficient. I have seen it become rather buggy with larger keyword sets  though (2,000+), and I have seen it work just fine. I used to hate AWR, now it's really the only solution that meets my needs. 
Google Webmaster Tools - download csv file and process. This gives you the average SERP position for the keywords your site shows up in.
try microsite masters - tellem' josh sent you ;p
I have tried Brightedge and it is awesome. SeoClarity works very well, use it every day, but you need to set it up in advance with keyword / url pairs. 
We track about the same number of key phrases and my vote goes to AWR. Although I so miss Raven now. 
Now I know who the contenders are.. anyone out there use both BrightEdge & AWR strengths and weaknesses between products?...One weakness they fixed in AWR 9.4 was the ability to import Keywords, With Categories, Priority #, RGB colour--which was lacking before..I found the UI for adding keywords was awkward..and slow..
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