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If you are in Israel and want to buy maple syrup, please consider taking the poll. It will help determine what the next shipment of maple syrup looks like.

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Wow Even my 10 year old is underwhelmed by this product. The cult of Mac still lives.
#Lol , commnet out your feeling and don't forget to follow us if you are programmer  : +I'm Programmer 
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Should robots value all lives equally?
This could be a concern for autonomous vehicles. Should an autonomous car sacrifice its driver if it would save more lives? Should autonomous vehicles note the number of passengers? Or negotiate with the other autonomous car as to how to minimize total lives lost? Should children be valued more highly? Algorithms will eventually encode whatever moral consensus we arrive at.

Quote: If a crash is unavoidable, should an autonomous car choose who it slams into?

Hmmm ..learning the hard way why you should never let your 10 year old make comments on Video's while logged into my account.  Damn Google's auto login.  Just deleted a whack of You Tube comment videos...sigh

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Are you ready for the transition to Universal #GoogleAnalytics? Get the run down on what you need to know before you make the switch
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