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Considering discharging your student loans in bankruptcy

Here's a sample complaint to help you do that.

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Three radical ways to fix student loan debt issues

1. One repayment option involving W-4

Replace the existing income-driven-repayment plans with one plan that borrowers are automatically enrolled in. When you get a job, you'll complete a W-4 showing that you have a loan to repay. From there, your employer will automatically deduct a portion of your check for repayment.

2. Make schools feel the pain

Make colleges pay up to 20% of the losses incurred on bad loans at their school. This way, less students will get loans because schools would only admit those students who are ideal job candidates.

3. Lend to one another

Income sharing agreements give investors the right to a piece of a student's future earnings for a time. These agreements would turn borrowers into a stock whose value fluctuates depending on choice of major and academic performance.

Hat tip to +Kiplinger for this list
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