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Unreal shark doing a backflip!
This is the first time we have seen this in over 15 years of whale watching!! Emphasis on the word WHALE watching- what a surprise when the guests viewed a shark breaching multiple times! See for yourself:

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Classic... Hope those features add value!
Those who code will understand this! :-) Good #morning !

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Highest quality social traffic comes from LinkedIn and Google+.. Is that what you've seen?
Google+ May Drive Fewer Visits, But They're Higher Quality

This report from Shareaholic came out in March ( but it's worth repeating. Here's their findings:

"Although Google+ and LinkedIn drive the fewest social referrals, they bring in some of the best visitors. Google+ users, on average, find themselves spending north of 3 minutes diving into things shared by connections in their circles. They also visit 2.45 pages during each visit, and bounce only 50.63% of the time. LinkedIn users generally spend 2 minutes and 13 seconds on each link they click, viewing 2.23 pages with each visit and bouncing 51.28% of the time. Although many sites see minimal traffic from both Google+ and LinkedIn, now may be the time to invest in building communities within those networks if engagement really matters to your business."

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Makes me wish the December break was already upon us..
A reason to travel through South Africa in every month of the year! 12 Months 12 Reasons to Travel Through South Africa.

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a free holiday sounds good to me I've entered. Have you? #traveltips
Together with our friends at Cemair and the Mondazur Hotel, we are giving you, our loyal subscribers a chance to win an unbelievable breakaway to the South Coast.

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High quality content, genuine editorial links more appropriate attribution models and social sharing.. Nice deck!
SEO Tactics to Love vs. Leave

I gave a new presentation today at the +500startups conference in San Francisco: with a broad overview of some big changes in the SEO world alongside tactics I recommended startups should leave behind vs. those they should embrace. Hope you find it useful!

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Really useful list of resources on Google+
Google+ Toolbox
I. Google+
. Discover Google+:
. How-To Google+ Videos:
Meet the new Google+: A stream with style and smarts 
Google+: Related Hashtags
Hangouts: Conversations that last, with the people you love
Google+: How to get started <- click
Google+: About circles
Google+: Fun with Hangouts
Google+: Reading and responding
Google+: Sharing
Google+: Set Up Your Profile
Google+: Find people you know
Google+ Communities: A place for whatever you're into
Google+ Events: Introducing a new way to get together
Google+ Photos: Great photos, in less time
Bring your conversations to life with Hangouts
Google+: Share photo albums
Google+ Photos: Editing tools to make your photos smile

. Google+ Support:
. Google+ Help 101:
. Google+ Help Tips:
. Google+ Help Community:
. Google+ Help Weekly Round-Up:
. Things you can do on G+ right now:
. Google+ in 2013:
. Google+ At Work:
. Google+ Safety Center:
. Hangouts on Air: /
HOA guides:,, , and
Complete Guide to Hangouts for Businesses and Individuals:
. G+ Platform:
. Circle +Google+  and +Google+ Help 

II. Google+ Your Brand / Business
. Discover here:
. G+ Brand/Business - 21 Case Studies:
. Google+ Partner Playbook:
. Video: Supporting Google Products Series Part 1: Google+
. Webinars:
Kick-Starting Social with Google+
Growing your Business and Engaging your Audience with Google+
. Circle +Google+ Your Business  
. Comprehensive study of content and brand visibility on Google+:

III. Google+ Teaching 
. Google Plus Posts and Photos - complete guide (updated) (more to come...)
. Google Plus Basics, Tips, Tricks and Updates:
. What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog):
. Free Google+ courses, content and resources. Sign up here:

. Google Plus Tips and Tricks -GPlus Basics - Google Drive Presentations:

lV. Free Google+ Training Materials:

V. G+ Coaching, Training, Consulting Directory:

Vl. 50 Things you can Do on G+ Right Now:

Vll. Google+ For Business and Individuals:

VIII. Google+ - Frequently Asked Questions:

IX. A Complete Guide to Google+ Marketing:

X. Google+ Insights (NEW)
Download the guide:
A Complete Guide to Google Page:

XI. Google+ for Business - just about everything you'll need to know! <- click

XII. Google+ URLs Collection:

Sign Up For Weekly G+ Updates:
Circle +Google+ Help   
Join Google+ Help community:

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