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Bought a Fit-PC Slim at, and it runs pretty smoothly under Debian. It's fanless, and most of the heat seems to be produced by the 2.5" IDE disk, not the CPU. I've run a test load with CPU busy at 100% for several hours, and the box didn't get much hotter than at idling.

Quite handy in this cold spring, and it can easily replace a cat :)
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I've a similar, but much older system running here. I like the small size and the fact that these Mini PCs save energy while still offering a full x86 experience. :)
this one is from 2008, also not so new :)

For new boxes, I use -- the hardware capacity is almost the same (CPU is the same, memory is 256MB, and they use CF card for storage), and they deliver it next day. This one was just an occasion, and it was so cheap that I bought it without thinking :)
I got my Mini PC from eBay last year. I guess it's from around 2006. As it does its job perfectly and i bought it for about 30 Euros (incl. shipping) i am still quite happy. I wouldn't buy a new one: Often the price is insanly high compared to the system/performance you get. Then i would consider a netbook (as you suggested before) or similar, as they offer more bang for the buck. :)
sure. So far, the offer from pcengines is the cheapest linux-capable box offer that I could find (around CHF 150 including shipping). So, if I need one quickly, I know where to get it.

hopefully the RaspberryPi will be available for quick ordering soon.
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