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Mt Evans Bighorn Sheep

Last Wednesday I took a short trip, going up the recently opened road to the summit of Mount Evans, the highest paved road in the U.S.  I had hoped to find some mountain goats with kids to photograph.  No luck on that front, but at the summit I did come across a group of Bighorn Sheep.  The group was made up of ewes and younger sheep, none of which had the classic, curling rams horns that these animals are visually know for.  Never the less, on this day, this one seemed to be looking down on me, telling me that they were the king of this mountain.

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Hey +Stan Showalter. I was up last week as well and looks like the same one I saw! It was snowing when I was up. 
he looks as if posing 4 u to photo him.beautiful
Mount Evans- Pretty much my favorite place in the world, opened a little early this year didn't it?  Nice shot!
That's a great bighorn sheep picture. It looks like this one has some uneven patches of Winter fur falling out and Summer fur coming in. I love that look.

I've also photographed them on Mt. Evans. I've been up there in July when there was some snowfall; I'm surprised the road is open already.
Thank you all for your kind comments.  They are much appreciated.
What a fabulous moment to catch him (or her?)! gazing through the cam! and the angle she is located, with the sky covering the whole! real nice, tnx.
That is a great photo! It's looking at you like "WTF!" :-D 
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