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Here's my Minimalist Fate Core RPG Kit. On each photo I comment a bit about the contents. Once I get my Fate Core and FAE books I'll add that to the kit!

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Minimalist as opposed to my D&D kit, which takes a rolling suitcase to carry (lots of maps and miniatures, turn tracking board, etc.).
I'm kinda in love with this. I may have to do it myself.
Where'd you get those character sheets?
NIce kit. Recently I have been using +All Rolled Up to keep all my gaming acessories together. Same kind of principle as your box. I can even get a foldable whiteboard into the +All Rolled Up 
Adopt, Adapt and Overcome. Thematically, I think the atlas-style book feel would be very suited to Spirit of the Century.

The +All Rolled Up has tried to cast off the need for a wipeboard with the Chalk Cloth alternative - http://goo.gl/ednI1

The best example of a similar set-up with minimised character sheet size is my Hollowpoint setup - http://goo.gl/XNLPB
+Stan Shinn No problem - we're still getting ourselves out there; only just launched at UK Games Expo in Birmingham, UK, last weekend.
Well, I went out and grabbed some of the stuff today. I'm using slightly different storage solutions but the idea is the same, a small portable kit so that I am Fate-ready at all times. Thanks again for the idea.
Awesome +Mark Miller -- I'd love to see a photo or a text description of what your final kit is like :-)
Once it's cobbled together, I will post one.
Another alternative to the white board would be Noteboard (http://www.thenoteboard.com/index.php).
I bought several when they were on a sale. I figured between teaching, gaming and kids I'd find uses for them. Comes in a nice pouch that you can use as an eraser in a pinch. One side has grid and hex the other is plain white. Haven't tried it out other than a few doodles, but seems to work well.
Ok, +Stan Shinn I've collected all of the parts. I will assemble and take some pictures tonight. I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks again for the great idea.
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