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A couple of knife display boxes I made.  I incorporated a hidden sliding door on the bottom of the large one to contain the sheath for the knife.  My first time attempting something like that...  Also installed with humidor style locks, again, another first!  Woods are cherry and walnut.
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Just checked out this video on RoomAlive.  The face of gaming could change quite a bit with something like this.  Some impressive ideas IMO.

Now, if they could just make the images holograms next... Hmmm..
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I Want one of these they are soooooooooooo cool!
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Stan Maddock

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A post I just put up in the Homebrewing community.  Has anyone ever built their own grain mill for milling beer grains?  Looking for info or advice!  Thanks!
DIY Grain Mill?

Has anyone ever built their own grain mill?  My other hobby is woodworking.  Given that, I really don't think it would be hard to make a roller style grain mill at all.  I am sure it would be much cheaper than buying a mill.  However, what to use for rollers?  I was thinking a good hard wood such as maple?  I could fashion some rollers on the lathe perhaps?  Any suggestions for what to use for rollers?  The other question is spacing?  How far apart should the rollers be?
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Yes, yes, yes.. If the grinder can cut the berries lets say into an 8th of its size, that will be perfect.  Also, coffee added to stout beer does some wonders.  Considering coffee beans are about 4X larger than wheat or barley, oats, etc... It might work. 
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Just heard a pop!  Looks like my blow off tube got clogged and released into the container!  This one is about 4 hours into the fermentation process, off to a great start!  This batch is a brown ale.  I bottled my chocolate oatmeal stout prior to starting this batch.  

Now, on to my next newbie question!  I'm wondering about storage of milled grains and pelletized hops.  As I tend to have leftovers due to doing 1 gallon batches, I was thinking of vacuum sealing them to maintain freshness.  Any ideas as to what kind of shelf life to expect in this packaging?  Would freezing or refrigerating help?  
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Knowing what I do about food chemistry, I don't know of that I would recommend freezing them (hops). Like coffee, I don't feel it should be frozen, as the super low temperatures will really break down flavour chemicals, and instead, cool, not cold, and dry is better, but as always, to each their own. In the event freezing isn't an issue for you guys, go with it, of course.

And vacuum sealing is a big plus as stated above. 
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Looking for some advice!

I just finished one batch of an Oatmeal Stout and it is now in the fermenter.  I'll be doing a second of the same next weekend.  For one of them, I'd like to add coffee or chocolate.  Any advice on how to do this?  

I'm brewing 1 gallon batches.  

This is only my second attempt at this and I think I am hooked already!  
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Ok, an update on things!  

Tonight I transferred the first batch to secondary.  I added the chocolate at this point.  What I opted to do was to go with the cacao nibs.  The nibs I found were raw, so I roasted them for 10 minutes at 350.  Then just covered them with vodka as I read that this helps to extract the flavouring.  Let that sit for 3 days total.  At the 2 day mark I added a vanilla bean to the mixture as well.  After sitting a day, man, what great chocolate flavour!  

About to start the second batch tonight.  I also picked up a refractometer so I can now get SG readings which should be handy.  For the second batch I'm aiming to do the coffee thing.  Thinking cold brewed for a couple of days, maybe 150 - 200 ml (5 - 7oz) added at transfer to secondary.  (1 gallon batches).

Now, off to those wonderful aromas...
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Stan Maddock

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This makes a lot of sense!  Personally, I like my nothing box!  
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This will make my day!
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Another cutting board!  
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I love this cutting board!  Alice in Wonderland?
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A quick and fun woodworking project done this afternoon by myself and my daughter!  She chose the design, I cut and sanded, she painted!  I think we make a good team!  
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very nice indeed
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Stan Maddock

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DIY Grain Mill?

Has anyone ever built their own grain mill?  My other hobby is woodworking.  Given that, I really don't think it would be hard to make a roller style grain mill at all.  I am sure it would be much cheaper than buying a mill.  However, what to use for rollers?  I was thinking a good hard wood such as maple?  I could fashion some rollers on the lathe perhaps?  Any suggestions for what to use for rollers?  The other question is spacing?  How far apart should the rollers be?
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+Stan Maddock Perhaps make a form out of a PVC pipe which can be cut away later.  You mentioned a lathe - perhaps you can use the lathe to cut yourself some centered end plugs.  Run a knurled shaft or similar through the holes in the end caps.  Seal one end with some wax or similar so the form doesn't leak - vasoline perhaps.  Also use some oil or vasoline on the form itself as release agent.

The shaft should be pretty thick, I'd say 3/4 inch or thicker to prevent deflection and cracking/spaling  of the concrete.

Use as little water as possible and vibrate / tamp the concrete into place.

Let it harden for at least a few weeks - I'd suggest inside a plastic bag to prevent water evap.  Concrete needs to remain moist to cure.

Alternatively you could cast it larger than needed and machine the concrete itself - green concrete can be machined to some degree.

Fiber reinforcement might be a good idea too.

Let us know how it goes!  Or search google - maybe somebody has done this already (stand on the shoulders of giants)
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Stan Maddock

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This would be a very cool project to do!!!!
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Very creative thinking and well executed. Great job.
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Re-purposing again!  This time an old bed frame and rails are becoming two benches. One down, one to go!  

A simple design, but useful.  It was great to be able to re-use the bed rails in this case.  The length of the rails worked out to be perfect to form the base for the seat.  
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Brilliant, Such a simple and fantastic idea.
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I like woodworking and harmonicas and beer and camping and canoeing and...
Harmonica and woodworking, my two main passions as of late.  I just started getting into woodworking in the past few years.  Last year I decided to try to learn how to play the harmonica.  It's, well, going ok so far!  I enjoy it, just not that great at it yet.  But, I love to practice!  Love the outdoors, camping, hiking, canoeing, etc.  And then there is beer, of course!  I love sampling all different types that are out there.  I like variety.  I've often thought that I would like to try home brewing, but just haven't made an attempt as of yet.  It may be on the horizon...  
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