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I'm hearing a faint rumbling/scraping noise when driving at low speeds. Not really motor related because it persists when I roll in neutral.

I'll call the dealership and ask for a service appointment.

If this were a gas engine I would suspect the water pump (not likely in a new car) or wheel bearings -- it has that type of sound. Too low-frequency to be brake-pad friction.

I don't hear it at higher speeds but that may be due to increased ambient noise. Doesn't seem related to road surface or regen (again, I hear it in N). We've only heard this in the last week or so. Any ideas?

I'll file an update with any definite diagnosis.

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Interesting overview of the commercial charging business. Like most Motley Fool articles, it ends with a plug for a semi-related investment essay though.

First car wash today. I found one "void" (places where the paint coverage wasn't complete) at the edge of a fender -- oval, about 3mm across, with bare aluminum visible. Other than that, nothing of note.

This was just a simple wash to get rid of accumulated grime from the last two months of rain & sloppy weather.

The car is a bit less sleek than I'd like -- there are ridges and protuberances which are a common design-element in some battery cars nowadays -- think of the Leaf bugeyes and the similar contouring on the BMW i3. This makes the wash a bit more painstaking and gives opportunities for puddling & accumulation of grime.

Now that the car is clean, I can affix the white commuter-lane stickers which arrived yesterday!

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Oh Babs. More self control please! Sad!

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Unlimited data? Starting March 3 ...!?! (as reported by the BBC)

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A gloomy view of Silicon Valley's relationship with auto manufacturers

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Let's keep the tax-credit alive!

OnStar Wi-Fi Hotspot ...

The owner's manual (page 343) says you can customize the on-car wifi network by calling OnStar. Actually, you can do this yourself with the myChevrolet smartphone app (I used the iOS version). This is not mentioned in the manual.

My suggestion is that you set the network-name and password to be the same as your home network. That way, all of your devices are automatically usable in the car without having to tediously enter new passwords on each one. And the network is turned off when the car is not running, so you don't have to worry about using your car's data plan when you're nearby in the house.

I can't do this, however. My home network has a five-letter network name, and the myChevrolet app limits you to six letters or more. This doesn't make much sense, because the network isn't more secure if the name is longer. SIgh ...

With recent Northern California rains, the Rear Vision Camera (RVC) was getting smudged and dirty. The owner's manual (page 108) describes how the rear wiper/washer will spray fluid across the lens. But that really didn't help clean it.

So I carefully dabbed the lens with a very wet rag and daubed away the grime. Wow, everything was suddenly sharp and focused again! Looks like something I'll have to do every week or two, at least while it rains.
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