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Everything I know I learned by doing.
Everything I know I learned by doing.

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I honestly don't remember where this image came from. It's in a directory that is mine from 2011. It's with some other pictures that I know I took.

I know it has all the little markers that say I took it. For example the name starts with STA and ends with PANO. That would be part of my name and I know PANO would probably be a panoramic image. It's missing the geo stuff, which I know I do a lot. And then there's the date. It's from a time when I know I was around some mountains. And I also know I have a Canon E05 Rebel.

And I know that it's the kind of picture I like. Mountains, clouds, sunshine and grass. What's not to like. The only thing that's missing is rainbows and a unicorn.
Still, I'm uncertain as to where it came from. So I have to say the magical three words. Words that have saved me in countless situations. So pretend that you're asking me where they came from. Here's my answer.

I Don't Know
That's it. Three little words that seem to be impossible to say sometimes. But they have the ability to open or shut every door in the world. Think about that for a minute.

That's why the photo represents my Cloud Whisperer intention this week. We hear a lot about being 'authentic'. Being authentic isn't about knowing everything. Actually, it's quite the opposite.

Being authentic means of undisputed origin. Genuine. That's the definition. So my intention is to continue to work on that. I've always referred to it as "beyond reproach'...but authentic works too. I'm not going to post at 3PM if I don't feel like it. I'm not going to share something I didn't read. And I'm not going to claim ownership of something I'm not sure of. Some people will like that. And some people won't.
That I know!

#cloudwhisperers #OneAndDone #LookForTheGoodStuff #BeAuthentic


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If You Look For It - The Cloud Whisperers

Yesterday morning was cold, damp, and dark. And I was less enthralled with my recent choice of office locations. It's 1.5 miles from my home. That puts it in walking distance. I figured it would help me keep my 10,000 steps a day program going. But it was cold, damp, and dark. And here I was having to fulfill a commitment.
About 50 yards from the house, I considered turning around. What kind of foolishness is this anyway? It would be easier to turn around, go get the car, and drive in. But instead, I kept going.
My head was down as I walked. Actually, walking is probably a stretch of a good word. It was more like 'trudging.' At any rate, behind the office buildings there is an unfinished subdivision. It's full of empty lots, dead grass, and trash that people pull through and dump. When I got to that circle, I noticed that it was getting much lighter outside. So I looked up...and the sun was breaking through the clouds. And it was right above my office. Just like it is in this picture. So I took a photo. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It was really magnificent. And it was in the most unexpected of places.
So that's what this Cloud Whisperer image's intent is this week. To remind me to look around. Read the signs. Soak in the beauty.
#theCloudWhisperers #OneAndDone #lookforthegoodstuff

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One And Done Focus - The Cloud Whisperers
The Cloud Whisperer's is about intention.
Each week's photo represents things that we are working on. Things that need attention. And what we intend on doing with it.
My contribution this week was pushed, rushed, and spontaneous. And it represents perfectly my intent for this week. Here's how..
This was the sunset over my back fence. The phone was merely resting on the privacy fence. I wasn't concerned about the angle so much. So you can see the top of the chain link fence on the other side. I was experimenting with the settings of the LGV20. I was more interested in using the 'popup' feature, and keeping the camera steady. Pop Out is the framed image in the middle. I also tried some other settings concerning outside the frame. Blur, fisheye, black and white, and more. The popup represents focus
One And Done
Although I had about 15 images, none of them were really outstanding. And like many of us, the usefulness of Google Photos long ago disappeared into the kluge of unorganized, poorly planned, and mass of chaos that Google envisioned. Part of the "Focus" for One and Done requires me to get rid of the unnecessary. So I had to cull my images down to just one.
And it represents my intent this week completely. Focus on One And Done. Less wasted motion and more movement forward. Just 'Let It Go" to repurpose an old phrase.
ps..those lights in the distance are from freeway signs on the other side of the field.
#thecloudwhisperers #OneAndDone #cantlivewithout #neutrality

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Pearl Fryar Topiary - The Cloud Whisperers

I was tired when we visited the topiary. My wife (Cheryl) and I were driving back to Georgia from Maine. I had been driving for over 30 hours. We were within a couple hundred miles from home. I really wanted to get it over with. But, we had see a documentary about Pearl and wanted to visit.

It was a great time. When we got there, Pearl was outside working. At 70+ years old, he was still climbing ladders. Very tall ladders. Tall enough that his wife came out and reminded him to be careful.

This picture was from that visit. You can see the rest of them here . The Topiary site is at and this is a trailer for the documentary about Pearl . I'd suggest anyone to visit this place. It is really something.

The Cloud Whisperers post are about your weekly intention. and this week, I intend to relax more.

#TheCloudWhisperers #PearlFryar #topiary #cantlivewithout


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Here's a good quick tip from one of Google +'s finest! How to check your influence in less than 2 seconds, without having to jump through hoops logging in somewhere else.
Thanks +Nina Trankova .. 
How to Check Your Influence
Activity help
With this new exciting feature on Google+ you can check how does your activity influence: followers, views, comments, plus ones. Your shared posts reach further influence for views, comments and plus ones.

You can check your influence on your profile directly
Change your activity and choose what is the best behaviour for you in terms of
◊ content you post: topic, image, text, video, GIF, image and location
◊ where you post it: public, public Collection
◊ time of posting: consider trends of the day
#GooglePlus #GoogleUpdates #Influence #WednesdayWisdom
Animated Photo

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That's a good question Nina. Defining priorities is an interesting concept though. What makes something a priority? If you operate in a reactive environment, the priority is usually an emergency as well. If you work to follow a plan, you don't get sidetracked as much and can get more priorities done.
Good survey. 
How many priorities do you complete weekly?
My goal this week was to have the most ( 100%) out of completed priorities and I did. Here is my post: #weeklyintention 
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Can You Believe This Bullshit?

Thanks for putting this in my feed +Nina Trankova ... I enjoyed 

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Looking forward to 2017
Thanks for setting this up Nina. I appreciate what you've accomplished this year... and want to hear what you're aiming for next year.
Reflection of Love 2017
We are meeting +Stan Bush +Alex Simidchiev and I, same time each year to continue our conversation and get prepared for reflecting love along 2017!

Tomorrow, 8th December at 6 AM EST, 1 PM Sofia time, watch page on You Tube:
#awareness #personal #professional #focus

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Stan Bush commented on a post on Blogger.
As always Mr. Stout... you do excellent work. The very first step... set that goal. All the points are right down the 'here's how you do it" game plan.

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