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U-Pick will be closed Wednesday (Aug 19) and Thursday (Aug 20) as the raspberries and green beans continue to ripen up. Check back Thursday evening for Friday conditions.
We have a wonderful supply of sweet corn, tomatoes and a host of other fresh produce in the market and at our farm stand on McCullom Lake.

Raspberries and Green Beans are available for u-pick from 8:30am- 5:30pm Tuesday.  We also have our own sweet corn in the market as well as Stade's tomatoes.

U-pick raspberries will be open Monday at 8:30am. We also have our own tomatoes in the market now. Stop by for your fresh fruit and vegetable fix. :)

We now have our own homegrown tomatoes for sale at both of our farm markets

U-pick raspberries and green beans will not be available on Friday

U-Pick will be open Wednesday, August 12th. We current;y have fall raspberries and green beans available for picking.

U-Pick will remain closed today (Tuesday). Fall raspberries and green beans should be available Wednesday. We will post an update this evening so be sure to check back after 8pm.

U-Pick Update: NO U-Pick this weekend. While the fall raspberries are looking fantastic, they will NOT be ready until sometime next week.

U-Pick Update: U-pick will be closed today (Thurs 8/6). Summer Raspberries and sugar snap peas are done for the season.

Our fall raspberries will be available in a few days. We will keep you posted. Green beans will also be available when we open up the fall raspberry picking. Check back later this evening or tomorrow for the most current conditions.

Sweet Corn is excellent this year. The market is stocked with a wide variety of other fantastic produce as well. We are open 9am-6:30pm at our market location (on Miller Rd) as well as our farm stand on McCullom Lake Rd. Be sure to stop by.
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