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Stacy Teet

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#EarthDay has always been one of my favorite days for talking to the kids about how everything we do effects the planet. Here are my 10 favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day with kids and make this a day that will stick with them as well.
Hard to believe it’s Earth Day already, it feels like just yesterday when I wrote last year’s Earth Day for Kids post. It was such a big hit, I’m bringing it back again this year. Fast forward one year later and I find myself a more seasoned mother, with older, wiser children (they’re 1, 3... Read More »
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Stacy Teet

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I've had kids projects on the brain all week …
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Stacy Teet

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Simple Meals the Whole Family will Love
many ready in less than 30 mins!

Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Here's what's on our menu this week.

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Stacy Teet

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Sharing some backyard inspiration and a pop of color for today's #pinoftheday  

This is giving me some serious ideas come summer

Read Now:
Pin for later:

+Peg Fitzpatrick +kelly lieberman 
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Stacy Teet

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Today I am waxing on about Slovenian Valentines traditions and how to be a better partner in every relationship period.

Stop by and read all about it:

Then let me know, 
What's something you can do today to strengthen your relationships?
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Thanks for including me in your post! 
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I'm feeling lucky heading in to St. Patrick's Day with all this fun at my fingertips. Check out this mega round up of crafts, treats, and activities to make tomorrow fun for the whole family.

Featuring: +Amy Locurto  +Jackie Currie +Jennifer Haas +Stephanie Morgan +Rebecca Cooper and more!

#stpatricksday   #kidscrafts   #kbnmoms  
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Stacy Teet

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Cloudy, with a chance of Rainbow Cookies

This photo was too adorable, not to share

+Amy Locurto is always up to something creative over on +Living Locurto 
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Thanks for sharing!  It was a fun collaboration! :)
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The secret to being awesome on social media

The next time I get the email, "How did you get so many followers on XYZ type of social network" ….

I am just going to reply:

Hard work.

There's no secret, or even easy way to go about it, it takes TIME, and effort and hard work. 

There, I said it, and now you know … my secret.
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Yep!  That pretty much sums it up, +Stacy Teet !
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Stacy Teet

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Lunch was fantastic!
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Wow! I want to have what you're having!!!
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Stacy Teet

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puts a new spin on the old phrase, Eat Your Heart Out.

Thinking a heart shaped cake might be the perfect way to say I Love You to the fam tomorrow.
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+Linda Bernstein Me either..this takes patience and mad frosting skills to do this...I am making cupcakes :)
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