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Am starting a circle just for people named Stacy. I figured they must be the most brilliant people on G+...

Stacy Nelson shared a circle with you.
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Stacy S
Ah, that explains the connection...
When I was wrestling in 9th grade we travelled to a Jr high that was kinda far away and I found out I was wrestling a dude named Stacy. I figured "Ha! This dude must be a girl. Easy win"
He kicked my ass.
So I've added about 50 people so far but it's not reflecting in the shared circle above...
Stacy S
Shared circles are a snapshot in time
I am an IE though....however, I still pack the awesome stacness!
This circle is biased against "E"s!
Well I had to start the search somewhere but will not discriminate against the "E"'s :)
Do you all know how to add in the extra 50 Stacys I've found to the shared circle or do I need to reshare it each time? I've added them to my personal "The Stacys" circle already...
woa! my notifications just had a bunch of stacie/ey/y's posting lol
It will update when people add the circle. I think the circle image above is just "screenshot" of when you shared it
Stacy S
snapshot not screenshot, javascript not java, Stacy not Stacey......
Been fighting these battles for far too long to give up now.
+Stacy S Hmm...though I agree with your corrections, I believe its a endless battle haha
Of course! Especially wine drinking entrepreneurs in Southern California named Stacy.
I love Temecula! I'm going riding there (horse) tomorrow
i can imagine if anybody walked in and asked for Stacy and there was a reply in chorus ...what ?
This was seriously one of my better ideas! And Stacy feel free to message me tomorrow if you feel like having a glass of wine when you are in town 
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