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My first hat. Turned out pretty good!
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Seriously, great work....
Haha a true newbie but I'm learning 
Looks great! I could use one of those. I like the old style ones like Marvin Gaye used to wear.
I'm wanting to learn also... but I don't know where to start... 
Yeah when I said I wanted to learn, a MAN (I won't say who) wanted 
+Stacy Frazer when you get a chance you should check out the special dedication i did for some of the influential women of g+ on my profile.
It looks really cute on you!

(That applies to both the hat and your smile!)
(something cool) a hat or crocheted underwear !!
darn my post keep disappearing half way through and then showing up... other's have mentioned it too.. 
+Kathy Morlock I ordered a knifty knitter loom kit on Amazon, bought some yarn and followed the enclosed instructions ;-)
The slug hat is awesome, certainly a few skill levels above me. But this plain one is pretty simple
No +Nate Fox , I meant what color would you want me to make your hat? :-)
Awaiting your return to punday
Stace< punday is about to start?
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