Playing around a bit with cartography and testing out some ideas I want to add to the supplement I'm writing for the S&W 3rd printing Kickstarter. 

The old 'generate a random map with dice' deal (honestly, I tried to do this like a drop die map, but this was faster for me): 

1. Start somewhere on the page. 
2. Roll two dice (d6 & d8 in this case)
3. Whichever die lands above is the vertical line length. 
4. Whichever die lands below is the horizontal line length. 
(Or figure out your own way of picking which is which). 
5. Roll a die for each wall to see if there's a door. 
     5a. If there's no space for a door, don't roll that wall. 
     5b. Create connections to other rooms when it makes sense. 
     5c. Always have a 'no door on this wall' option. 

In my case for this one, I rolled a d6 & d8, took which ever die landed on the table above the other as the vertical, and the remaining die as the horizontal. 

To prevent long, narrow rooms I doubled or rerolled 1s, 2s, and 3s unless it was towards the end of the page or somewhere where that made sense. 

Then, I chose each wall of the room and rolled a d6. If the number was a 5 or a 6 there was no door. Any of the other numbers indicated the number of tiles the hallway should be. 

I chose the width of the hallways and their placement on the walls on my own whim or if it made sense to connect to another room, I ignored the die roll and did that. 

Where rooms overlapped, I made one room be 'under' the other and added appropriate stairs down. 

Once the rolling was done, I had a page full of nothing but rectangular boxes. So, I went through and knocked out some corners, added some rubble, added some water effects, and doodled some statues, columns, fountains, and the like.

While I was doing that, I put in the doors. Filled-in means the door is locked, unfilled means the door is unlocked. 

'S' are the secret doors, I added a few of those in as well where it made sense / on my own whim. 

When I was done with the pencil drawing, I inked it in with a Micron, then scanned it into photoshop to add a background texture, and some color to a few places. 

I know it's not the greatest map in the world, but enjoy nonetheless. :) 

I'll be doing a d8 & d10 one next, and maybe a d12 & d20 one just to have some enormous rooms, where I plan on taking pictures / time-lapse as I go. ;) 
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