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I am the problem.
I am the problem.

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Due to a combination of Google destroying the platform and constantly getting attacked for having any sort of opinion, I'm leaving Google+. I'm tired of the trolls, and, oddly, I've found that Facebook's security controls, when properly applied, keep that shit from happening - even on public posts.

I might be able to make some changes here to get to something similar, but I'm not going to because, as I've said many times before, this service is now garbage. I don't think much more of Facebook, but it is currently doing well in places where Google+ is failing... like finding new voices, and having more women participating. There are so many more women who I interact with on Facebook, it's almost painful how obvious Google+ is disliked by women and how much of a sausage party our communities are.

I'm not going to pretend I don't know why, because I do. It's been the cause of countless anxiety attacks, fight or flight responses, days when I just couldn't do anything, days when I just had to turn everything off to get anything done. I'm sick and tired of having everything I say be dissected by some male nerd who has to loudly proclaim I'm wrong, tell me how bad the things I do are, and follow it up with a 'why you mad?' sentiment.

If you want to find me, look on Facebook. If you want to keep getting +ConTessa updates, follow the page. I've given this place too much of my time and energy as it is, and I've found this year I have absolutely zero tolerance for people who just want to drag others down - especially me. My brain does a good enough job telling me I'm not good enough. I don't need anyone else helping matters.

So here's my swan song, Google+. I will miss my friends that don't find me on Facebook (, but I will not miss the constant attacks, stalker-like behavior, and trolling. Not in the least bit.
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MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF GREAT STUFF! $450 worth of gaming PDFs for the bargain price of $25! Here are just SOME of the goodies:

- Veins of the Earth
- The Dungeon Dozen
- Doctor Who
- The Dark of Hot Springs Island

...and A WHOLE LOT MORE. You get a hell of a deal, and we near our funding goals for the whole year's worth of conventions!

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Only 6 hours left to get in on our plush mascots Kickstarter!!!!
Plush ConTessa Mascots
Plush ConTessa Mascots

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24 hours!!!!!!
Just about 24 hours left to get in on our plush mascots Kickstarter! Pick up Tessa the Dragon, an exclusive Gen Con 50 ConTessa T-Shirt, a lanyard for all your lanyard needs, tickets to games both online and off, and more!

We're narrowing in on reaching our first stretch goal - Bea! Let's see if we can make both happen before the Kickstarter closes out tomorrow!
Plush ConTessa Mascots
Plush ConTessa Mascots

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We're now down to the final couple of days before our plush mascots Kickstarter is OVER! Be sure to come by and check out what we have to offer! Plush toys, tickets to gaming events both online and in-person, an exclusive Gen Con 50 ConTessa T-Shirt and more!

This will tie up on Sunday, so get your pledges in ASAP!
Plush ConTessa Mascots
Plush ConTessa Mascots

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So far, we've earned $4,200 after OBS's fees. At $5,000 we'll have completely funded Gen Con, and every other bit of fundraising we do goes to other conventions and getting a head start for next year.

I'll be shutting this off at around 9PM tonight Pacific (or when I go to bed, which will be before midnight because what can I say, I'm old), so that's about eight hours left for folks to pick up this bundle.

That's 37 books for $10, including an exclusive PDF of Fire on the Velvet Horizon. Tell your friends, tell your friends friends, tell the world! Only 8 hours left before this incredible bundle disappears!
FINAL DAY: After today, the ConTessa 2017 Bundle of Awesome will be no more! This is your LAST CHANCE to get 37 titles for just $10!

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We've had a new injection of games to our Gen Con lineup! D&D 5E, Monsterhearts, Dungeon World, Star Wars, and more! Take a look at the full list:

RPGs With Space:

Thursday @ 10A: RPG17112666
[Bright & Terrible] Scions of Atlantis: With the Atlantean boot no longer on their backs, the human kingdoms rejoice & throw off their puppet kings. It is this world in which you, the last Children of Atlantis, wash up from the Sea.

Thursday @ 10A: RPG17123453
[Monsterhearts] Haunt This House: You're an unholy creature of the night, lurking in your abandoned dark abode. Unfortunately, some college kids decided to break in for a party. What to do with these unwanted houseguests...

Thursday @ 10A: RPG17118898
[The Strange] Where in the Worlds is Waldo Egbert III?: Programmer genius, Waldo Egbert III has avoided everyone but his online buddies & the pizza delivery guy for years, but now it seems he's vanished! With a mind like that, there's sure to be trouble!

Thursday @ 12P: RPG17107583
[D&D 3.5] God of Valor: The cloister of the God of Valor is under siege! A blackguard & his devourer ally are leading an army of wights against the valiant paladins who defend the cloister. You are their only hope!

Thursday @ 12P: RPG17122642
[Flavortown] Return to Flavortown: You're among the chosen. The Big Guy is coming back to town today & you have to cook his homecoming meal. Embark on a modern mythical journey & cook the bangin'-est meal that's ever been cooked.

Thursday @ 12P: RPG17124443
[Dungeon World] The Tower of Dr. Kranis: Over a century ago, the disgraced imperial apothecary settled in the badlands, where local villagers still talk about him in hushed tones. It's rumored his old tower has been found again.

Thursday @ 6P: RPG17122559
[Dread] Bump in the Night: You are a child's beloved toys whose belief in you gave you life. But something hidden in her bedroom closet threatens to steal hers, & only you can stop it.

Thursday @ 6P: RPG17123805
[Domina Magica] Play as Magical Girls as well as school girls tackling the evils of enemies and homework!!

Friday @ 12P: RPG17124440
[D&D 5E] Dragonmaw Cave When the beneficent dragon who protects the five towns disappears, wells and streams turn fowl, herds are found dead, and travellers go missing.

Friday @ 4P: RPG17123464
[Star Wars Edge of the Empire] Flight of the Fated II: The crew of the Fated II have found themselves in a bind. They're grounded on Baro and now must do what they must to take back their ship.

Saturday @ 10A: RPG17112848
[Doctor Who FASA] Party in Tsum Land: A Mickey Mouse & Friends Tsum Tsum adventure.

Saturday @ 2P: RPG17124439
[Star Wars Edge of the Empire] Shutta Stay or Shutta Go?: Adapted from the beginner game! Learn a new system & decide whether to save Mos Shuuta from the clutches of the empire or escape?

Saturday @ 4P: RPG17122558
[The Strange] Where in the Worlds is Waldo Egbert III?: Programmer genius, Waldo Egbert III has avoided everyone but his online buddies & the pizza delivery guy for years, but now it seems he's vanished! With a mind like that, there's sure to be trouble!

Saturday @ 6P: RPG17117491
[Cypher System] Mundania: Mundane Powers, Mundane Adventures: Play out a sit-com type adventure! You want to turn in your term paper on time? ROLL. 1? Oops, you fell down an internet hole.

Saturday @ 6P: RPG17121887
[Night Witches] Sirens of Stalingrad: A fictional game about an actual Soviet all-female night bomber regiment during World War II - the 588th. We will be pilots & navigators. We'll be airwomen.

Saturday @ 6P: RPG17123419
[Monsterhearts] Panic at the Disco: Players take control of teen monsters full of drama and navigate the hijinks surrounding Woodcliffe High's Homecoming week. Materials provided.

Saturday @ 7P: RPG17122641
[Queer Fantasy Road Trip] Ride of Our Lives: Embark on a journey as a group of queer youths. A game with an emphasis on emotion, relationship, & the formation of identity.

Sunday @ 10A: RPG17118900
[PDQ] Keep the curious creatures content at the Zilly Zoo of Zo. For kids & children's literature fans.

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You should really come to the ENnies this year. I hear they've got an awesome host. :D

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Gen Con has sold out of their 4-day badges, but we know where you can still get one! If you meet our eligibility requirements, we have a handful of GM badges remaining! Follow the link below for the full details. We'll stop taking new events on 7/16, so get yours in today!
ConTessa @ Gen Con 50
ConTessa @ Gen Con 50

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Dragons without borders? Here's one of those rare times we might want a mimic monster to get into the apartment!
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