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This is old news, opened in Korea back in September.

But OMG I wish I could shop like this!

"All the Shelves are infact LCD Screens. User chooses their desired items by touching the LCD screen and then checkout at the counter in the end to have all of their order packed in bags. Homeplus, the nation’s second largest discount chain, is offering 500 items including food, electronics, office supplies and toiletries at its "store".
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Could be a startegy for Best Buy and other struggling big box retailers
Prices could be checked automatically against what's on Amazon and adjusted accordingly so the big box retailer doesn't lose the sale.
i wish I could just buy everything online and they ship it from the closest retail location in rubermade tubs sealed. I mean food, home goods, bath, cleaning supplies, electronics everything..
The screens could be updated instantly, even react to the user's smart device.
I dream about adding groceries/toiletries to a shopping cart during the day, then going home and all of it being on my front porch!
Someone would steal them off my front porch.
hell I would settle for going to whatever grocery store on my way home and just picking up a package with all my stuff I purchased!
In Manhattan you can go to D'Agostino's and buy all your groceries and have them delivered to your flat. Doesn't work in the suburban wilds of Columbus, Ohio, though.
I saw something about this before I went to Korea this summer. I was really hoping that I would be able to see it, but we went to a spot they were at.
Wow, sometimes you need to read all the packaging before you make purchase decision. Perhaps they will have holograms or 3D for that next so you can feel for the size of the packaging too.
Why go into a shop then? I can already do virtual shopping from my computer. OK, there is the delivery problem, but that could be easily solved by having a pick up station somewhere. Why waste all that floor space for displaying virtual items?
Funny, it appears they made the store the same size as a store that stocks items on shelves.
QR Code scanning shopping sounds like fun! But I agree, lots of wasted space! I bet you can shop online as well!
Hahaha thats funny..
I've built a video wall made of lcd panels form my gallery for people to choose from images that Idon't have on the walls. but to do it I had to have 4mm seams in between the displays and I don't see any seams and those panels are huge! I think it's actually printed on to translucent material and backlit. Would be cheaper to reprint every week than to truly make it out of lcd panels. the article says "Seven pillars and six platform screen doors have been plastered with images of life-size store shelves filled with goods ". Anyway, I'd love to be able to afford lcd panels that large for a gallery!
Even better, is the part where I stay home and do it online. Or where I send a horde of small robots that look like me out into the world to do my bidding.
I don't think you can flip the screen over to check the specs of the items like what most people do in conventional supermarket
if the store was like that i would just knock down that fake thing that they have and i would say what is this? a trick?
Where is this, anyway? I want to move there!
'. . . clean up..., err, I meant Techie to aisle 9, please!'
checking bar codes on items
oh my gosh thats awesome!!!!!!!!! who comes p with this stuff!!???
Jay Tee
Nice concept.....hope the glasses are bat/bullet proof.
حالم خیلی بد بود
اومدم یه سر اینجا
پیش خودم میگم ما کجاییم اینا کجان
+Soheyl Soheyly منو ببخش /
این قفسه ها همه اسکرین و دیجیتالی هستند
باقی اش هم ....
not sexy but shopping
I'm more of a 3 denominational shopper like to look at all sides hold it in my had now if they could do that and still have it waiting that would be awesome!!!!
As +Bryn Forbes said, they are just backlit display boards. The lower box may be a network attached LCD but the catch is that people just use the QR Codes to buy the stuff and have it delivered to them at home. Once you scan in the code the website & price are displayed so an active LCD would be redundant. Its a marketing strategy to get people to buy produce while waiting in line. Brilliant idea!
That's pretty cool, but it does have some cons to it. If they could make it so that the shopper could rotate each object and look at it from different angles, that would be better. Still pretty awesome though, if you know exactly what stuff you want to purchase.
B and H electronics in new york has had a system like this but not so sophisticated, and it is an efficient marvel. this is definitely the way to go.
Not buying produce that way, but it is interesting.
This is awesome. I would totally do this. No heavy cart to push around.
... and I thought online shopping was a 'virtual store' ...
But what about the touch and feel of a product? 
This is super ... am amazed the way technology is entered our lives
Why bother going into the store then? Just punch it up on your Iphone or Computer and drive up to the loading dock to pick it up.
Wow... now if I want a burger with fries... lol... seriously, that's cool.
yes and bye to every one who taking to me ok
amazing !!!!! is it real ??? where is it
I like to read the nutrition labels on food, so this wouldn't quite work for me! And it'd be hard to buy produce without checking it out... but interesting idea!
no thanks...i prefer to examine my steaks and select the best one on my own instead of having someone deliver one to me from the back.
+Hien Nguyen Does the lcds on the pics look like they have such function? Seriously doubt so, Technologically possible but economically impractical. To flip individual item means all the lcds have to be touch screens. The concept of the shop in the picture is actually pretty low tech, the lcd screens only serve as static display of fixed pictures
why not just shop at home from the website, and have it delivered too.
This is the kind of shopping for those that just have to get out and go through the act! I like the "no chance of shoplifting" in this scenario!
Knocking over a "stacked" can of beans in this store could cost thousands.
If this it alous you to turn the items on other side by touching the item and turn it around than is fine, but on other ways i dont think is very good idea, because people before by the item nead to know what the item is maket from and what it contains, ( if is any alergy reaction, for example and ect.... or on other ways that wont work well, ! Ps.... i like to go to a normal super market and look thinks before i by them , thats the joy of it........
whats fucking awesome damnit why is america stores so fucking cheap can't find shit with the dingy shelfs
Still need to try on things on to get right fit would take away the fun of browsing too
My local safeway does that. I order my groceries, then the deliver them the next day. I love it. Keeps track of what you order too. So you can just tell them to do the same order. Takes like 5 mins compared to 2 hours.
I wonder if this keeps a running tally of your total as well. That could be a handy feature to have. If not, I can see some serious overbuying happening.
NO, It's called i wish I could sit at home & order on-line ALL my food & shopping as I NEED it and get it delivered at MY convenience.
What a neat idea. Would be interesting to see how the concept would work in the USA.
Small retailers with a decent web presence could set something like this up and have the items ready for pickup. This would be the best of both worlds for the small communities that want to shop local (which EVERYONE should be doing) and for the customers who can now run in, grab their stuff, and go. You keep the human interaction part and you make it easier for the buyer and seller. There is a fair amount of work to be done on the part of the seller, but to make it easier for your already loyal customers to shop at your store, and to make it harder for them to want to go somewhere else, it is probably worth the effort, even if you only include your top selling items.
I would love that, I hate pushing a cart around the store
Good luck tasting their sample food like Costco...Lulz
well now you can add grocery shopping to-
things you do too much that will make you go blind.
now, there are 2.
The big advantage for the store is tight loss control and fewer employees (no stocking shelves).
No more raggedy carts. Sorry shoplifters!! You have to find a new career.
Something about this reminds me of The Price Is Right, I don't know why
Ke Zeng
Don't like it.
Waste of money surely? How much do lcds of that size cost and you have to fill a store full of them plus the touch screen technology, possibly thousands of dollars wasted if the concept didn't catch on?
Yea not a good idea. May as well shop from home. Or phone. Or both
Just off the top of my head, the problems I see with this are:

People don't have a running notion of just how much they are buying in quantity, so fitting it in a car or carrying it will be a surprise at the end.

People will do too much impulse buying. It will be too easy to overspend and buy too much.

You don't get to select the actual items yourself so you don't know until the end if the packer gave you a dented can or broken package, or poor quality item.

This eliminates the jobs of shelf stockers, putting more people out of work.

A power outage means you can't buy anything. In a stocked store, they can still use a calculator to add up your bill. Here, they can't even get the stuff you want.

Any item whose quality you would judge by feel is an iffy purchase.
that is card bord by the way and if u new that i am not dum and for the people that might ask that duhhhhhh
Erik S
VONS has a shop online site with 1 hour delivery available... at least in California..
It´s awesome, that way we don´t even get to know the slaves in the warehouse who will pack the things we buy! Now they can employ kids and we won´t notice!
Ahead of the rest of the world,the south koreans people must be LAUGHING at us lol & Thieves must be like WTF?
M Rod
It would be funny when a bunch of IDIOTS break into the store to steal stuff off the shelves....... HA HA PSYCH!!
Ur just creepy!!!!!!!!!! Chick in the photo!!!!!!!!
This is epic how is that possible???I wanna shop like that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, not here in America. Pushing shopping carts is about the only exercise we get anymore...
cool....................want to see one in where i am
cool can some one read the ingredients,directions to use or extra product information, which is usually at the back form the product?
This looks rather scary to me if that is going to be the future of shopping. Maybe a dream for the shop owner, for customers it's more like a nightmare.
soooooooooooo funny here's a pic of me and my bffs:
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